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Help and Advice for 'difficult to treat health conditions' specialising in diet, emotional stress/anxiety, MS, Candida, IBS, Childrens health and food intolerance testing.

Because you made it here, I assume that you are looking for information, advice and help.

My life-long walk with my own health condition has given me a unique insight into the symptoms your are experiencing and has given me the knowledge and experience of coping with other 'difficult to treat health conditions.'

Let me assure you that with this I can offer you positive help and advice for you to manage and take more control of your own health.

On our website you will find a great deal of information and products & services.

I Trained at Derby General Hospital in 1994 in Clinical Ecology, and have also trained as a therapist and lecturer in reflexology, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, and Sports Injury.

I have lectured at Sussex University to ION graduates in nutrition and autoimmune conditions (MS).

I have owned and run a health and fitness club and received "health club of the year" in 1998.

I also received the "lifetime achievement award" from the fitness industry .I received an MBE


Natural Health Consultant, Deputy Lieutenant of Essex I help people with
Non invasive Bioresonance consultation and treatment program, we treat
From our dispensary we can send supplements to your home/work address
We provide out and advice for babies and children, they do not need to come into the clinic as we do this with
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Image 7 of The Cornell Centre

Products & Services

Bioresonance Technology

Distance / Remote Consultation

Difficult Health Problems

food intolerance testing

vitamin/mineral balance

endocrine - thyroid/adrenal assessment.

anxiety and stress

Candida diet

Candida Infection

diet & weight control

nutritionists & dieticians

childrens health

weight management

Digestion balancing

Help for IBS

Help for depression

Help for general health

Help for hormonal balance

Help for insomnia

Help for sugar cravings

Help for constipation

Help for headaches and migraines

Help for chronic fatigue

Help for infertility

Help for polycystic ovaries

Help for osteoporosis

Help for backache

Help for neck and shoulder pain

Help for arthritis

Help for fatigue and tiredness

Help for eczema and psoriasis

Help for circulation

Help for the heart

Help for asthma

Help for fertility


Complimentary Therapies


Significant improvements in general health

I first visited Susie Cornell’s clinic 20 years ago following a diagnosis of MS.

With Susie’s personalised advice on diet, food intolerances, supplements, structured exercise and in more recent years the Bioresonance Programme, I have managed to stay fit and well.

Any emotional issues, fatigue, sinus congestion etc have been addressed and improved, sometimes with just the distance healing.

A very big thank you Susie
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A life-changing experience

Following a diagnosis of remitting/relapsing MS, I consulted Susie Cornell for additional information and advice to help me manage the condition. With Susie's encouragement, support and professional advice as a nutritionist, along with a carefully managed diet, supplements and the technology she uses, I have remained fit and active. Thank you Susie!
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Susie along with Karen are a joy to know now. I couldn't be without them.
Whatever health conditions myself or my family are suffering I know I can call on their help in a non pharmaceutical more natural way. With the fountain of knowledge and experience you can ensure you are in good hands.
The treatment programs are mind blowing and so accurate often for us with instant results.
So happy to have found them the The Cornell Centre.
Anybody with any health concern of the body of mind I would most definitely recommend a visit to Susie. You won't regret it.
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Distance consultations

Distance consultations
Many clients Benefit from distance consultation went they cannot get into the clinic. Using bio resonance Technology it can be very accurate help and advice for difficult to treat health conditions such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions, stress digestive problems stress, digestive problems
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Balanced Being

Susie runs her practise in a very efficient, reliable and caring way. With her guidance I change my diet and the way I am thinking about myself. Her expert advice so spot on and always target the areas which need improving to get a more balanced body and mind. My life is transformed since I met her. Thank you!
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