The British Protocol Academy

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Business overview

Being British

Our aim is to bring in fresh, modern ideas, but always to remain true to traditional British values. We do not attempt to undermine or override the best of British etiquette which can be traced back to 1800.

Laying the foundations

The building bricks of etiquette consist of being yourself, whilst respecting others and their space. Often a simple ‘Thank you’ is all that is needed or offering an apology, regardless of whether you may have been right or wrong.

Courses to support you

We know there is a lot more to being polite and well-mannered than saying please and thank-you. Our courses deliver the full range of training, demonstrating how to adopt a courteous approach whether enjoying the quintessentially English practice of Afternoon Tea or in a business conference.

Men behaving badly

The British Protocol Academy aims to add an additional programme as a stand-alone topic. This will reach out, specifically, to men and help them to learn about manners.


To Inspire as many people as possible, whether in family or corporate settings, or with students, young people, and children. We love to educate leaders in any generation or age bracket and from anywhere in the world.


We aim to help every student, young or old, to learn the basic elements of good manners. We offer a welcoming, non-judgemental environment which is relaxed, serious and fun, helping everyone to feel comfortable. Participants go home armed with new skills and a bright, optimistic outlook on life.


Our trainers in etiquette are selected from a pool of talented professionals and from diverse backgrounds: a British fashion designer, a former British army officer and members of the British Royal Family.


Afternoon Tea
Guide price £150 - 250
Children’s and Young Etiquette
Guide price £125 - 200
Develop a Leadership Mindset
Guide price £150 - 250
Dining Etiquette
Guide price £150 - 400
International Business Protocol
Guide price £250 - 1,000
Names, titles and forms of address
Guide price £150 - 300
Personal Styling
Guide price £150 - 1,000
The Elegant Hostess
Guide price £175 - 500
Explore Positive Psychology
Guide price £125 - 150
Cultural Enhancement
Guide price £150 - 750
Ladies Etiquette
Guide price £150 - 500
Men Etiquette
Guide price £150 - 500
Modern Interview Skills
Guide price £50 - 150
Train the Trainer
Guide price £2,500 - 5,000

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Men Etiquette

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Cultural Enhancement Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

British Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Children’s and Young Etiquette


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