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Business overview

Established since 2008, PROVIDING A SMART TUITION SOLUTION FOR STUDENTS FOCUSED ON ACADEMIC GOALS. Tutoring for primary, secondary & A level.

We have 2 locations

1 Penny park lane, Coventry, CV6 2GU

Finham Park School, Green Lane,Coventry,CV3 6EH

Tuition for all age ranges for subjects Science, Mathematics and English.


We are offering booster and support sessions again over the Easter Break starting from April, Supporting pupils with exam practice during a stressful time. BOOK NOW!

Talent tuition has been established since 2008 and we have built a strong and reliable reputation over the years.

We provide a professional and a quality service to make sure our students get the most out of their tuition.

All tuition is on an individual basis and we cater to each students individuals needs.

On top of all this, our fees are also very affordable.

Offering core subjects.

Primary level - English and Mathematics.

Secondary level - Mathematics and Sciences.

A level - an assorted range of subjects are offered.

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a levels

11+ exams

exam revision sessions

maths tutors

science tutors

english tutors

primary schools

comprehensive schools

further education

maths and science schools

mathematics tuition

educational services

higher education

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Online tutoring
Well done guys for progressing the learning experience to online via zoom virtual classroom. Was easy to upload and communication to the tutor was no problem. During the current situation where isolation is imperative its great and reassuring to know
that study can continue for my daughter and that we have your support. Thanks again
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Helped my daughter grow in confidence with maths in a supportive environment.
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Great place to learn and develop your academic rigour and overall confidence.
I joined talent tuition in year 13, as I needed extra support during my A-level examinations. The one-to-one tuition provided by the tutors for the A-level students was incredible. The tutors dedicated a lot of time to each of their students; answering questions we had and providing us with work sheets and mock exams (which were very useful). In my opinion going to talent tuition increased my overall confidence in the subjects I was studying and that confidence and prowess was clearly shown in the classroom environment. I became more focused and had a better understanding overall of the various modules set by my teachers at school. My exam technique improved and I felt less anxious walking in to sit those exams at the end of the year. I would highly recommend Talent Tuition to all those students who lack in confidence whilst sitting an exam and who want to develop their ability to answer questions concisely and precisely.Finally,on a personal note, I would like to thank all the tutors.
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Look no further, great service where they turn kids around.
We needed some help for my son to achieve his physics grades to be able to be accepted for A-Levels. He needed grade A and was predicted grade C at the time. Having spent the entire school year with talent tuition, we have put all our eggs in one basket but they managed to turn him around and achieve the needed grade A in 2018. Great investment and I thank you immensely TT. 😁
25 Aug 2018
Thank you JazP-4 for those kind words. We wish him the best for A levels too!
25 Aug 2018
Thank you JazP-4 for those kind words. We wish him the best for A levels too!
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I started going to talent tuition about 1 month before my gcse and they guided me in the correct path. I was let to focus on my own learning and If I had questions or didn’t know the topic the tutors are willing to teach me it.
27 Aug 2018
Thank you JohnstonA-1. You've extremely hard since you joined us and you deserve those fabulous results you achieved!
27 Aug 2018
Thank you JohnstonA-1. You've extremely hard since you joined us and you deserve those fabulous results you achieved!
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