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Animal Communicator - Psychic Medium

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Susie is an animal communicator and psychic medium and has been "walking between the worlds" for almost 30 years. She is been a practising psychic medium for more than 25 years and is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators offering her own shamanic practice. Susie offers psychic readings, animal communication consultations and shamanic healing. She serves her local churches as a platform medium and offers animal communication courses online.

Susie firmly believes that all of us have access to the universal language by which all beings communicate. Learning this language gives us a deep sense of belonging and helps us to understand who we truly are. Based in East Devon, Susie serves the South West region in person but has clients from all across the country and abroad.

Susie is available to visit your animal, conduct animal communication consultations by 'phone and offers mediumship readings in person or by telephone. She is also available for group consultations.


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The best reading I've had in years.

I've been using clairvoyants throughout the South West for many years now and I can honestly say that Susie gave me one of the most in-depth readings I've ever had.
A lot of mediums waste a lot of time trying to convey as much evidence as they can, but Susie prefers a message heavy approach.
She explains who she's working with, what spirit guide etc. Some clairvoyants can be a bit blunt when conveying messages, however Susie is very eloquent and passes information over seamlessly and doesn't go off on tangents!
Susie is very fond of animals (and is an animal communicator too I believe) and she quite often referred to my animals very accurately in the reading and also passed on messages from them!!!

I highly recommend Susie and will most definitely be planning another visit to her next year.
Her predictions have so far been right on the money.
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