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69 New Summer St, Birmingham, B19 3TE Directions

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Business overview

Tool hire by Sunbelt Rentals. We offer the largest ranges of tools to hire in the UK including breaking, drilling and fixing equipment, cleaning equipment, compressors & air tools, concreting & compaction, fume and dust extraction, gardening and landscaping, painting and decorating, sanding and planning, sawing and cutting and floor surface preparation. Tools are sourced from world leading manufacturers and are available to hire same day for collection or next day delivery to your site.


One of our colleagues on site.
A telehandler on site being used on hire.
One of our saw's as part of our tooling range being used on site.

Products & Services

air compressors hire

air extractor hire

beam screed hire

bench saw hire

borers hire

breaker hire

brick cutting saw hire

brick saw hire

brush cutter hire

bull float hire

cement mixer hire

chipper hire

compaction plate hire

compressors hire

concrete breaker hire

concrete finishing tool hire

concrete float hire

concrete floor grinder hire

concrete grinder hire

concrete mixer hire

concrete nail gun hire

concrete poker hire

concrete polisher hire

concrete scabbler hire

concrete smoothing tool hire

cordless reciprocating saw hire

cordless sds hammer drill hire

cylinder mower hire

diesel compressor hire

diesel jet washer hire

earth auger hire

electric bench saw hire

electric breaker hire

electric cement mixer hire

electric compressor hire

electric concrete breaker hire

electric tiller hire

fence post hole borer hire

floor grinder hire

floor scarifier hire

fume extractor hire

garden shredder hire

garden tiller hire

gas nail gun hire

hammer drill hire

hand held cement mixer hire

high pressure air compressor hire

hot jet washer hire

hot pressure washer hire

hydraulic breaker hire

industrial air compressor hire

industrial shredder hire

industrial strimmer hire

jet wash hire

lawn mower hire

masonry saw hire

mobile pressure washer hire

nail gun hire

needle scaler hire

oscillating saw hire

paslode nail gun hire

patio pressure washer hire

pedestrian rollers hire

petrol breaker hire

petrol brush cutter hire

petrol cement mixer hire

petrol garden strimmer hire

petrol hole borer hire

petrol jet washer hire

petrol strimmer hire

petrol wacker plate hire

plate compactor hire

portable air compressor hire

portable compressor hire

post borer hire

post hole auger hire

power washer hire

pressure washer hire

rammer hire

reciprocating saw hire

ride on lawn mower hire

rotary hammer drill hire

rotovator hire

scabbler hire

scabbler tool hire

sds hammer drill hire

sit on lawn mower hire

small air compressor hire

small wood chipper hire

strimmer hire

tool vault hire

tree shredder hire

trench compactor hire

trench rammer hire

wacker hire

wacker plate hire

wacker plate compactor hire

welding fume extractor hire

wood chipper hire

wood shredder hire

air compressors

air extractor

beam screed

bench saw



brick cutting saw

brick saw

brush cutter

bull float

cement mixer


compaction plate


concrete breaker

concrete finishing tool

concrete float

concrete floor grinder

concrete grinder

concrete mixer

concrete nail gun

concrete poker

concrete polisher

concrete scabbler

concrete smoothing tool

cordless reciprocating saw

cordless sds hammer drill

cylinder mower

diesel compressor

diesel jet washer

earth auger

electric bench saw

electric breaker

electric cement mixer

electric compressor

electric concrete breaker

electric tiller

fence post hole borer

floor grinder

floor scarifier

fume extractor

garden shredder

garden tiller

gas nail gun

hammer drill

hand held cement mixer

high pressure air compressor

hot jet washer

hot pressure washer

hydraulic breaker

industrial air compressor

industrial shredder

industrial strimmer

jet wash

lawn mower

masonry saw

mobile pressure washer

nail gun

needle scaler

oscillating saw

paslode nail gun

patio pressure washer

pedestrian rollers

petrol breaker

petrol brush cutter

petrol cement mixer

petrol garden strimmer

petrol hole borer

petrol jet washer

petrol strimmer

petrol wacker plate

plate compactor

portable air compressor

portable compressor

post borer

post hole auger

power washer

pressure washer


reciprocating saw

ride on lawn mower

rotary hammer drill



scabbler tool

sds hammer drill

sit on lawn mower

small air compressor

small wood chipper


tool vault

tree shredder

trench compactor

trench rammer


wacker plate

wacker plate compactor

welding fume extractor

wood chipper

wood shredder


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