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Sun Hie Chinese Acupuncture & Healthy Living Centre is a Tyne and Wear-based practice, with over 30 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Effectively improving the lives and well-being of our patients, through the benefits of our wide variety of services.

Dr Yu graduated from Hei Long Jiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1986. She is a highly experienced doctor trained in both Western and Chinese medicine.

She was a neurological consultant in Bejing and Harbin University hospitals and has taught Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine to western doctors.

She is a full member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK)

Dr Yu came to the United Kingdom in 2004 and worked in a Chinese Traditional Medicine clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne for two years, prior to opening Sun Hie in 2007.


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Excellent diagnosis and cure

Dr YU used to teach doctors in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and this shows in her confident diagnosis and use of needles and herbs. What was amazing was that she said she could cure me, and how long it would take roughly. I have been treated over five years for acute conditions of nausea and vomiting , dizziness, and stress/ insomnia. Sometimes it only took one session, sometimes three or four. I have the utmost confidence in her. A fellow patient has been helped with the restoration of his speech after a stroke,
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I have suffered from tinnitus for over ten years and had been unable to get any relief from a constant and loud high pitched noise in my left ear.

At the same time I had constant back pain for which I needed to take painkillers.

After several referals to Ear Nose and Throat specialists and two MRI scans which thankfully showed no abnormalities,I was nevertheless told that there was no cure for the tinnitus and I was resigned to having the problem for the rest of my life.

To put into context how bad the condition was, I had been retired on health grounds several years ago because of this problem.

Then a few weeks ago when the problem was at it's worst ever, I decided to give acupuncture a try, and I now wish I had done it years ago.

Dr Yu identified the cause of the problem as trapped nerves in my neck and back, resulting in a reduced flow of blood into my head,

This poor circulation was responsible for my tinnitus and associated problems of constant back pain, headaches and frequent bouts of dizziness.

I have had several treatments at Sun Hie Acupuncture over the last four weeks and have been on a course of herbal medicines and the improvement in my condition has been absolutely remarkable.

My tinnitus has been reduced to such an extent that at it's loudest it may be a two out of ten, and often it is not noticable at all. Before Dr Yu's treatment it was a constant eight to ten out of ten (and sometimes a twelve!!).

Also my back has been pain free for the first time in ten years.

I am so pleased that I decided to try acupunctue and I would have no hesitation in using it again and I certainly recommend it.

The treatment can be used for many conditions, and all the details can be found on their website
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