St Giles Trust

Georgian House, 64-68, Camberwell Church St, London, SE5 8JB Directions

Tel 020 7708 8000


my contract has been extended twice and i cant imagine life without St Giles being involved

My journey with St Giles started as a client. I was homeless and on drugs. I did not want to live as I had failed in life and even failed at trying to end it. I was angry with the world, myself and I thought God did not want me. I had only one thing left to do which was to help someone else and I became inspired to educate myself and to help the next person but I had no idea how. I picked up a flier advertising that they needed peer supporters to help each other. I signed up in May 2017 and my caseworker helped support me into sorting debts out, helping me to claim the right benefits and she encouraged me to do the Information and Guidance course. It was strange like going back to school but my trainer made the course interesting, funny and was great at getting everyone involved. I completed the IAG in record time as St Giles gave me a reason to get up in the morning that did not involve drugs and crime.
I volunteered for 18 months and was awarded a part time job as a caseworker.
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