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Shamanic healing, teaching and ceremony

The aim of shamanic healing is to restore a person to wholeness and balance. To bring back a state of equilibrium to the body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle, non intrusive method of healing that unbinds the energy and emotion wrapped around the issue, releasing patterns of suffering and enabling you to move forward more whole and empowered.

Our body and energy field hold the ‘memory’ of our life’s experiences and their impact, this information continues to influence us and our engagement with life, much like a computer programme downloading its information, and similarly, the information can be outdated, corrupted or unhelpful to us now.

Emotional or physical trauma, generational and karmic patterns, and all the ways we adapt to fit in with our families and society can result in aspects of our life force energy being disrupted or becoming unavailable to us. This can manifest in myriad ways including low energy, stress, anxiety, feeling stuck, a feeling that something is missing, unhelpful patterns of behaviour or beliefs, and feeling overwhelmed or disillusioned by life.

A shaman's role is to bring resolution and healing by holding space and enabling the energy holding the issue in place to be witnessed and restored or released. Affecting a change in the energy allows us to reclaim our own authentic power and expression in the world.

Shamanic healing is not something ‘done’ to you, rather the shaman journeys with you to create and hold a space that enables the innate wisdom ‘within’ to witness and transform old worn out stories and unhelpful patterns.


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Great therapy

I would definitely recommend Julie to others, as she is very welcoming & knowledgeable. I had a lovely experience and felt it was a beneficial and interesting healing experience.
05 Dec 2022
Thank you 🙏
05 Dec 2022
Thank you 🙏
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Spirit of Change Session with Julie - It Certainly Changed My Spirits for the better! :)

Seeing Julie was a great decision.

I hadn't experienced anything quite like it before, and Julie put me completely at ease. The session was well paced, and Julie gave me space and time to discover my own connections to what was coming up, as well as offering her gentle and wise perspective into the mix. Since the session with Julie I have felt much calmer, and lighter, across all areas of my life. And this changed has held for several weeks.

I would highly recommend having a session with Julie if you feel drawn to explore what she's offering. I'm delighted to have met her, and would not hesitate to book another session if I found myself 'stuck' emotionally or energetically in the future.

Just as Julie's company name suggests, "Spirit of Change" was my experience. I walked in heavy, sad and on the edge of my emotions. I walked away feeling more at peace, relaxed and joyful. The Spirit of Change was definitely with us in my session. Thank you Julie, so very much.
09 Aug 2022
Thank you Sue for such a thoughtful review.
09 Aug 2022
Thank you Sue for such a thoughtful review.
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Great experience !

I had a great experience there, and I came back with more answers than questions !
She takes her time and is very caring, the atmosphere is cocooned, caring and with no judgment.
She uses great professional skills to heal body, mind and soul!
I highly recommend her service and will definitely go back to visit her when needed.
Thank you ever so much!
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