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Business overview

Do you feel sad, confused, and don’t know where to start? Then I can help you.

Are you a women over 40?

Are you feeling down?

Are you not really sure why, but know something’s wrong?

Do you feel sad, confused, and don’t know where to start?

Then I can help you.

It is likely that you are feeling depressed. Which makes you feel like you have no energy. You are probably overwhelmed at the thought of making any changes in your life and that happiness is out of your reach.

There are many reasons why we become depressed.

Often you might feel that life has not turned out quite how you planned or expected it. You may have hoped that you would have a sparkling career and that would be fulfilled and well paid. However the reality can be very different.

I’ve worked with many women who have struggled with balancing career and family life. Many have assumed that it would fit together naturally.

The thing is we are often our own worse critic for not living up to the ideal.

These thoughts make us feel useless, guilty and ungrateful.

It could also be that you feel your relationships are unhappy and unfulfilling. This can leave you feeling empty can’t it?

It’s no wonder that you may also feel exhausted but unable to sleep. When we feel like this it is natural to find comfort in that glass of wine, or bar chocolate or even drugs, prescription or otherwise. This of course can make us feel ashamed.

You don’t have to resort to this form of self-medication because I am able to make you feel better and sparkle again, leaving behind your hollow, empty, tired and maxed out version of yourself.

I will help you to rediscover your authentic self, and to reinvigorate you so that you recognise your own values and meet your own needs. This is not about being selfish this is about self-care.

Working with me will enable you to regain control and SPARKLE AGAIN

Products and services

Art Therapy

Anxiety Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

Abuse Counselling


Domestic Abuse

Emotional Problem Counselling

Group Therapy

Self Esteem Counselling

Stress Management

Trauma Counselling

Creative Therapy

Self Expression

Body & Movement

Isolation & Loneliness

Someone to Talk To

Irregular Sleep Cycles

Couples Infidelity

Strained Relationships

Harmful Thoughts

Job Loss or Change

Family Member Conflict

Addiction Counselling

Music Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

Clay Therapy

Drama Therapy


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