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Wrong design delivered
Please look elsewhere for your shed.
I ordered a Summerhouse but stopped the building part-way through, as what was delivered was not the design we had agreed. The manager didn't write down the measurements we discussed on to his plan, so the wrong sizes were made. I did write them down so I knew what it should have been! The windows were in the wrong place and the doors were 3 ft wide instead of 4 ft wide.
One of the builders was extremely rude and trod on my flower bed, not caring about the damage he did. Sorry to be personal, but he was also very smelly!! Just unpleasant and rare in a builder these days.
I returned the Summerhouse but had to pay £50 towards costs for the experience of learning not to ever consider using Southern Sheds for any job. We live and we learn - I will go elsewhere.
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