South Wimbledon Shorinji Kempo Dojo

Healthy Mind,Healthy Body, Self-Defence.

St Johns Parish Hall, 139 High Path, London, SW19 2JX Directions

   Closed today Open Thursday 19:30 - 21:30

Business overview

An Authentic Japanese Martial Art. A Japanese Mix of Jujitsu style grappling, kickbox style sparing with Shiatsu and Zazen meditation. First class free! Visit Japan,train in Japan!

What is Shorinji Kempo?

Shorinji Kempo is an authentic modern Japanese martial art (gendai Budo). Renowned as a highly practical system of self defence. Shorinji Kempo was founded in 1947 by a Zen buddhist monk and introduced to the UK in 1974 by Sensei Mizuno, chief instructor and founder of the British Shorinji Kempo Federation.

Self Defence

Based on the use of physical principles and weak points (kyusho) rather than brute strength. Shorinji Kempo is an ideal form of practical self defence, particularly against larger or stronger opponents. Making it suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels.


Our techniques focus on the balance between 'hard' strikes (kicks, punches and blocks) and 'soft' grappling (eludes, locks, throws and pins). This combination of 'hard' and 'soft' makes Shorinji Kempo highly effective. Equating to a potent mix of boxing, Shaolin boxing and Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Teachings also include a therapeutic acupressure massage system (seiho), and seated meditation (zazen) is practiced during every class.


The teachings of Shorinji Kempo are underpinned by a practical philosophy called Kongo Zen that aims to improve individuals through developing leadership skills, mutual cooperation and confidence

Once you join the club you'll have regular opportunities to train at our Dojos World wide including Japan, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Although Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese Martial Art it has it's Origins in very much in China.
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Photo of Sensei Paul Hughes Sparing.
A throwing/grappling technique
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Great fun and lots of useful self-defence learning

It's a lovely community where you will feel welcome. Master Paul and fellow students are amazing people. It is so much fun to go every time and you will see how you build your confidence and skills. Great experience. Ideal for all levels, including white belts.
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Great Experience

Really friendly Dojo for learning the Martial Art fo Shorinji Kempo. I would recommend to anyone thinking of trying, to choose this Dojo. Very welcoming and skilled instructors.
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Fun and rewarding

Shorinji Kempo is a unique Japanese martial art that emphasises both healthy body and healthy mind. The South Wimbledon club continues this tradition, providing a fun and friendly training atmosphere for beginners and old timers alike. It's a great way to get fit, make new friends and learn some practical self defence!
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SW Shorinji Kempo

The class at Shorinji Kempo is very comprehensive and opportunity for individuals to cultivate their mind and body practice. The sensei gives care and attention to each student and encouragement towards technical progression.
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The instructor is very good. He has lots of knowledge and is very patient.
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