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I offer a subscription based serviced where customers can benefit from exclusive content and weekly group meetings with myself

I am a Muslim woman who has been dedicated to the study of Islam for close to two decades. My studies have taken me far and wide around the globe, including Damascus, Istanbul and the U.K., of course, where I completed my PhD in Islamic Theology at the University of Leeds in 2019. Currently I offer a subscription based serviced where customers can benefit from exclusive content and weekly group meetings with myself. In addition to this I also have books for sale on Amazon.

For years I have been sharing my passion for reading and my PhD journey on my Instagram page, where I primarily platformed books by authors of colour and people from minoritised communities. I've had the great fortune of interviewing a number of incredible authors including, Fatima Bhutto, Sascha A Akhtar, Alka Joshi, Zeba Talkhani and so many more. All of my interviews are available to watch on my IGTV. I also host the Leeds Lit Club which is currently a global virtual book club.

I have long been frustrated by the gulf between academic scholarly works by incredible Muslim scholars--whose work espoused egalitarian and gender-just interpretations of the Qur'an--and the Muslim community, who had the most to gain from accessing such works. And so in 2018, I proposed the Islam and Feminism Critical Reading Group to the Iqbal Centre for Critical Muslim Studies at the University of Leeds. The idea was embraced with excitement, and I went on to facilitate a year-long reading of key Islamic texts on gender justice, culminating in a public event at which I hosted the wonderful Professor Asma Barlas. At the time, she was on tour in the UK to promote the second edition of her ground breaking book, Believing Women in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an. We have been close friends ever since!

Now that we have all been firmly grounded by the global pandemic, my mission to connect the Muslim community and its allies to scholarly works is now also online. To date.

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