ScS - Sofa Carpet Specialist

Portland Retail Park, Field Mill Football Ground, Mansfield, NG18 1HA Directions

Tel 01623 683280


Do NOT recommend them!

Our opinions & experience with them are as follows: Customer service in this store is absolutely disgusting! The salesmen think it’s funny when they suggest that the customer’s got their measurements wrong & not themselves!
They stand around unprofessionally looking down at the customer from their stairwell balcony trying to humiliate their customer. The manager has absolutely no people skills whatsoever, has a bad attitude which obviously reflects in his staff and is also extremely rude in our opinion. They try & rope the customer into committing to paying 30% when they haven’t even sent someone over to measure up at your property! They say that they can beat others but they cannot as we found a much better deal with much better service with an opposition store that they like to knock being Carpet right. We suggest get your carpets from specialist carpet shops like Carpet right like we did, for at least their customer service skills are par excellent, they are professional and they actually specialise in carpets so they know what they’re talking about! All in all, we most certainly do “not” recommend SCS store in Mansfield,, don’t waste your time with these bad attitude rip off merchants who are very quick to knock any opposition & who treat the customer so poorly as in our case, stay clear, you’ve been warned!
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