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Maths and Science Tuition for KS3, GCSE, A-Level and Higher

Need help for your exams? Want to cultivate a budding genius?

We offer personalised care to help each students gain confidence in maths and improve their abilities. Whether to achieve the high entry requirements for university or simply obtain that pass to progress, we work to help each student accomplish their best.

You can gain the benefit of over eight years experience tutoring.

Enjoy the expert guidance from PhD qualified tutors in mathematical science.

You may also have peace of mind knowing we DBS check our tutors.

We aim to create a knowledgeable, inspiring environment where students develop a confidence in tackling problems, and learn to enjoy their subject!

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A-Level Tuition Nottinghamshire

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Paul Tognarelli - Fantastic tutor!

I've been seeing Paul since late 2018 after deciding to retake two of my A-Level Further Maths exams. It was difficult to find a tutor that was able to teach these particular modules (FMP3/4), as they're somewhat obsucre.

Paul however had no issues assisting and tutoring me every week, with a level of competency and enthusiasm that I hadn't seen in a most of my original A-Level teaching. We would work through some exceedingly difficult questions, step by step, and I always came away feeling I had learned something new and felt more confident with the subject as a whole.

He also had excellent advice regarding how to manage my time when it came to revision, where to find online resources for past papers and relevent questions, and best practises/techniques for answering questions in the exam(s).

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Paul to anyone who's looking for someone to help them with their GCSE or A-Level maths, as I've found him to be a superb teacher.
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A Brilliant Physics Tutor!

Paul has been excellent help with my A level physics. He is able to give really clear explanations on tricky topics and is happy to focus on areas that I am finding particularly hard. I feel able to ask questions which I might not be able to ask in class, which supports revision towards my exams. Paul has good knowledge of the A level specification which means that the time I have with him is really focused. His passion for Physics encourages an interest in the subject, and I am lucky to have his support.
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Very Positive.

Paul is simply the best tutor I have ever had. He has helped me work harder and more methodically on my maths and I have seen an improvement in my grades. He has a down to earth teaching style. And as someone who has unfortunately grown to dislike maths. I still enjoy and look forward to my weekly sessions, and find them very beneficial.
(A-Level Maths student)
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Great tutor for all ages and I’ve already recommended Paul to my friends that think just the same!

I’m currently I’m my second year of A Levels and I’ve had Paul as a tutor for around 5 months. Not only has he shown me how to make notes efficiently and effectively but also method of revision to improve my grade. He explains difficult topic of maths clearly to give me a better understanding of the areas that I was previously struggling in. Paul is a very approachable person and will undoubtedly improve your maths ability and grade.
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Brilliant Physics Tutor

Paul is a friendly and polite teacher. He tutors our daughter in GCSE Physics and he explains concepts in an intuitive and clear way which makes it easy to to understand. He is very punctual and most importantly easy to contact and enthusiastic about the subject. We would definitely recommend his tutoring.
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