Saville Dental Practice

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6 Saville Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear, NE1 8DQ

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This dentists negligence is costing me almost £2k
My dentist insisted I use a round head electric tooth brush even though I said I prefer a non round head electric toothbrush as they don't rip my gums. The round head ripped my gum and caused an abscess. The dentist sent me away saying go to chemist and get something to put on it. I had to make an appointment with another dentist which I had to wait weeks for. They sent me to the dental hospital which took months by which time my perfectly straight teeth had all moved out of place. I now have to pay almost £2k to get them put back.
30 Oct 2015
I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered at our dental practice. If you would like to contact the practice we would be happy to discuss this further.
We recommend rotary toothbrushes for some of our patients as they are up to four times more efficient at removing plaque than other conventional toothbrushes. They DO NOT "Rip Gums " nor cause abcesses . If they did, the manufacturers would soon be out of business. The fact that you were refered to hospital, together with your symptoms especially the moving teeth would suggest that you are suffering from gum disease which has advanced to a level requiring specialist care.
The delay in getting seen at the hospital is regrettable but gum disease like most things we treat is not caused by dentists. They are the result of things you can do - We merely try to fix or minimise the damage
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