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We sell naturally safe, EndoSan sanitising products, ideal for hands, surfaces, rooms and water supplies, a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant and virucide

UK suppliers of EndoSan sanitising products for all businesses that need to stay safe. EndoSan is a unique solution of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) that is stabilised using a proprietary ionic silver based chemistry. The formulation makes EndoSan a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe.

EndoSan can be used to sanitise and disinfect in almost all public areas and business premises. It can be used to protect hands, surfaces, spaces and water. We have specific concentrations of EndoSan for each application, for hands and surfaces, these can be bought online in our store. For santising whole rooms or buildings, we have a fogging solution, which can be used with EndoSan provide protection throughout your working environment.

Hands and surfaces are easy to protect with our EndoSan1 and EndoSan3 products.

These can be bought easily from our online store.

For rooms, buildings and water treatment, these require us to understand your needs a little better so we provide FREE telephone and on-site consultancy, just get in touch.


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