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I have now retired and no longer offer dog training

Sally has now retired and is no longer offering dog training.

Sally keeps up with the latest, scientifically based training. In November 2019 she was passed the Agility Club UK instructor's course, in August 2018 she completed a 4 day trainer's course. She's also attended courses in January 2019, April 2018, January 2018 and September 2017 run by the Institute of Modern Dog Training and Steve Mann.

She's studied dog behaviour at the IABTC (International Animal Behaviour Training College) in 2016 and qualified to teach clicker training - a very effective way of training dogs. In 2012 she attended an advanced dog trainers course with the APDT( Association of Pe Dog Trainers).

Private lessons with Sally last an hour and can be taken at Melsonby or at owner's home.

She uses the latest, scientifically proved methods with great success, whether you have a puppy or adult dog. Particular attention is paid to building a really good bond with your dog, improving heel work and recall. Sally is a Kennel Club A List examiner for the scheme's Bronze Award.

Sally runs agility classes on Mondays at 11.30am & 6.30pm. Contact Sally for more details.

Sally's own dogs have achieved the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award & she competes in agility at Championship level, she has also competed in agility at Crufts.

Agility Lessons take place at Brookfield Riding centre near Aldbrough St John. £30 for 3 weeks

Email Sally - [email protected]. She looks forward to meeting you and your dog.


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6 week Puppy Foundation courses are held in Barnard Castle where puppies learn to have fun with their owners and socialise with other puppies in the class.
Everyone passed their Bronze award- now for the silver award! Fun training classes take place in Barnard Castle
Sally is a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Trainer scheme. She as passed all the online exams and just needs an assessment from a member fo the scheme to be a fully accredited member of the scheme.
Sally has studied at the International Animal Behaviour Training College and achieved Level One in Clicker & Target Training.
Sally can assess the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award for local clubs.
Sally and Phoebe competing at Crufts in 2015
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There are only 100 KC accredited instructors in the whole of the UK. This is a City & Guilds award & is the result of rigorous testing & assessment by the Kennel Club.

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Dog Agility Training


Bailey visit

I would highly recommend Sally to anyone looking for help with their dogs. Now looking to starting Puppy class.
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Clever Dog Obedience Training

I have attended Sally’s Puppy Foundation course with my lab and we have now moved onto the Bronze Good Citizen Award. We both love going to Sally’s classes. The classes help you to understand your dog and their way of thinking, so it’s not just the dog that is being trained but you! They are 5 other dogs in the class we go to, which is a great number for dog socialisation, training and fun. Sally has a vast knowledge and understanding of dogs so she is always able to offer the right advice in any aspect. She is passionate and caring at what she does and I would thoroughly recommend taking your dog to her class.
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Transformed 7 month old untrained collie.

I took my wayward rescued collie to the Good Citizen training classes. I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to control him around others. Sally was able to show me how to keep him calm and focused enabling us to learn together. We progressed so well we were able to join the Wag and Tone classes. My dog could work off lead, concentrate on me and do the exercises at the same time as 5 other dogs in the hall. I wouldn't have been able to do that without the classes. Sally has a broad range of knowledge and always uses kind reward based training. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her training.
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I have a border collie who is very reactive particularly when competing in dog agility. Sally has shown me how to try and regain focus using food as a distraction and positive reinforcement methods. She spent time with me while I queued at a show so she observe and assess my dog’s behaviour. Even in a short time my dog was responding to Sally and when I tried this method we did manage some focus on me rather on the surroundings. Sally is very calm person and understands dogs. She has a gentle manner and finding someone who has had experience of reactive dogs has made me feel that there is hope for the future. I would definitely recommend her.
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