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Photo restoring since 2003... You will be able to view results before you commit to buying, also I have competitive pricing, I cannot imagine why you'd go elsewhere.

I offer Digital Photo Restoring or editing and or colouring (as is digital not paper prints provided) no passport pictures taken. I will provide a preview (no strings attached) of a restoration edit colouring etc before you decide to buy so that you are protected meaning you make an informed decision if to buy it or not knowing what the result is. Feel free to get in touch even if it is just a chat a query etc. I have been doing this since 2003, so I have a lot of accumulated experience. I am on many platforms. And as I provide a preview before you decide to buy you are 100% protected, also my pricing is competitive and below normal market values. You can search me on google "rico digital photo restoring" for more information


Super colour and enhancing starting from only £6.50 (plain background) cost rises the more people or detailed background as takes longer to colour in.
Rust and damage removal, plus reconstruction of shirt
Scratched to perfect (only £6.50, example)
A full colouring (example of £13) where most places prices start at £25
From paper print to photo then to full colour (restoration and colouring)
And old image of my dad converted to colour ...miss him dearly!
Really good colouring as the image quality was great
Enhanced and restored image
Another great restoration with editing to replace missing imagery and still make it look natural.
from Black and white distorted image, to correct angle restored and coloured.
Repaired and coloured damaged and stained image
this shows all three stages of an image, before repair 1st third, second third repaired and enhanced, 3rd third now also coloured. Remember repair is one job colouring is another.


Minimal Digital Photo Restoring (image damage 1/5th)
Guide price £6.5 - 10 per item
Medium Digital Photo Restoring (image damage 1/3rd)
Guide price £13 - 18 per item
Severe Digital Photo Restoring (image Damage 1/2)
Guide price £19.5 - 25 per item
Minimal Digital Photo Colouring (one person, plain background)
Guide price £6.5 - 10 per item
Medium Digital Photo Colouring (up to two persons, plain background)
Guide price £13 - 18 per item
Multiple Digital Photo Colouring (up to 5 people, plain-ish background)
Guide price £19.5 - 25 per item

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Ricardo was fantastic. Good communication as I had a couple of questions prior to sending over a photo for restoration and he did such a good job, prices are good too. Full 5 stars from me and would quite happily recommend him to others.
24 Jul 2021
Thank you so much for your kind words. It was my pleasure to help. Regards
24 Jul 2021
Thank you so much for your kind words. It was my pleasure to help. Regards
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