Ricky Butcher

21 Hampden Crescent, Kettering, NN16 0LA Directions

Tel 01536 514687
   Open today 07:00 - 16:00


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the finest lamb's liver in Northamptonshire

Today I nearly bought some of the finest lamb's liver I've ever tasted.
I was served 8 ounces of frozen lamb's liver for £1.92.

When I queried the price in kilos (all very confusing having to convert ounces to grams) - I was told that the price per kilo was £6.99.

As I can buy beef steak elsewhere for similar, I had a sudden change of mind and asked if Icould return the lamb and have my money back - as I thought I might have some steak instead. Unfortunately, the nice gentleman wasnt able to refund my money as he had 'already rung it in the till' - a common problem and completely understandable.

As I walked home after leaving the store - unfortunately I forgot to take my connoisseur quality liver with me - I realised that the lamb's liver I nearly obtained was even better than I had thought. Half a pound equates to 226.79 grams, which works out at £8.50 a kilo - wow !

A fine butcher, presumably selling the best lamb's liver you are ever likely to taste.

Its such a shame that small butchers shops like this are being forced out of business by the big supermarkets with their inferior meat - and lamb's liver that only costs about £2.20 a kilo

Please support this fine butcher and keep the little shops in business - he obviously needs all the money he can get to stay in business.

Have rated one star on basis one = best, and five = worst, (hope I've got this right !)
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