Ricci's Grocery

8 Garnet House, St. Georges Rd, Brighton, BN2 1EU Directions

Tel 01273 681518


I purchased a very happy plant - was offered some information towards the care of the plant from a member of staff who was evidently passionate about horticulture - and the most delicious guacamole I've ever had in my entire life. I ate the entire tub in an evening. Alone. (With tortilla bread - but by myself.)
They also sell a vegan variety of chocolate I've never had before - called pana chocolate - which I was very surprised to find actually wonderful. The fig one - expertly recommended. I'm neither a vegan nor am I one for healthy-food so it's a sincere review from someone who has a taste for Burger King.
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Too pricey and bad qulltiy of fruit.
Extremely bad fruit. Every time have hit food from there has been a problem rotten, been sitting there for too long and there is no stock check. Staff are rude and hardly talk. Used to go there often but we have had huge problem with fruits. Gege is okay not had much issue with them. But they need to sort out the fruit situation. Very very price place. I think they should take this on board to change.
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