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3 Folly Crescent Folly Rd, Alfrick, Worcester, WR6 5HN Directions

Business overview

If you think you may have a pest issue but are not quite sure what it is or whether it needs treatment, please call me for friendly, knowledgeable and free advice. Andy Staples.

Products & Services

domestic pest control

commercial pest control

agricultural pest control

cockroach control

bird control

flea control

fumigation services

rat control

wasp control

woodworm control

Mice Control

Mole & Squirrel control

Bed Bug control

Covering Worcester

Covering Malvern

Covering Droitwich

Covering Bromyard

Covering Ledbury

Cluster flies

Rabbit control


Best pest control around!

It's that time of year again and I already have my spring appointment scheduled with Andy. I highly recommend Red Kite if you want to be proactive, but they're also great at tackling any existing pest problems you may be having. Prompt, professional, and courteous - Andy can't be beat!
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They'll be my first call next time

I'd been hearing something scurrying in my attic for weeks. I called a big name company who took two weeks to come out for an evaluation even though they were "100% sure" I was dealing with mice. After all of five minutes in my attic they confirmed their original hypothesis. Like I told them on the phone, the noises were too loud to be mice. I couldn't go up with them (my mobility isn't what it used to be) and I felt like they were taking advantage of that. I paid them for nothing and sent them on their way.

Red Kite was the obvious choice for me after that. They offered a free evaluation which at that point was important to me. They actually listened to me when I said it sounded larger than a mouse and asked questions that led them to the conclusion that I was dealing with squirrels. They turned out to be right. They took care of them according to protocol and sealed up the point of entry.

This is just more proof that local companies provide the best service.
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Sly as a fox

My husband and I realised that something was stealing vegetables right out of our garden. We never saw them but we found several pawprints. They multiplied every couple of days. We phoned Red Kite. It took a few days for them to get out and evaluate the situation. Turns out we had a family of foxes who had taken up residence underneath our back porch. They were removed from the premises. Our backyard is fenced in so they had to find the point of entry and we had it blocked off. Hopefully that will be the end of it. I would certainly use Red Kite again.
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Very Happy

We've been dealing with fleas for months! Every time we thought they'd finally left, we found a new one jumping around on our furniture. We finally got fed up with the pest control service we were using and phoned Red Kite after my friend suggested them. They're wonderful! It's been three weeks and we have yet to see one of those darn fleas anywhere. I think we've finally gotten rid of them. Cheers, Red Kite!
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Another reason to hate humidity

Humidity and mold have always been high on my list of dislikes but now they're even higher. Do you know what likes humidity and mold? Booklice. I find that out the hard way. I had no idea what those little bugs were when I first saw them. All I knew was that I was seeing way too many of them. Red Kite was quick to answer when I phoned and they were able to identify it over the phone before confirming it when they visited for an inspection (which was free by the way). They're gone now, thank God. I won't miss them.
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