Braventis Gym, 1, Arthur St, Chester, CH1 4PG Directions

Tel 07565 530434

Business overview

Reality is our speciality. We train for go, not show.

Reality-Based self-defence classes.

British Combat Association qualified.

No specific style-affiliation, only what will work in a real situation. Taking the best techniques from the most practical arts, and tweaking them for a reality-based situation.

RBUD don't care about how it will be on the mats, or in the ring, we are concerned only with how it will work on a Friday night outside the chip-shop when some drunk is attacking you.

Everything taught has been pressure-tested and is effective!

Classes are run as private, one-to-one sessions, which you can pay as you go at £20 per class, or book a block of sessions and save (this will be worked according to your needs).

You can also book private sessions as a group, which again will give you a discount.

We also have a Boxing For Fitness class, one-to-one, as qualified through The Hatton Academy, which runs at £30 per hour.

We also run sport-specific classes in various martial arts, but these are used as a way to bring your skill level up in that particular style, and we have found these sessions to be perfect for people who are grading or competing soon (please contact for more details on these).

We run classes throughout the week at Braventis Gym, 1 Arthur Street, Chester, CH1 4PG.


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If you want to learn the skills needed to defend yourself if the need arises then you must come and join this class... James is a top bloke who really knows his stuff... He’ll teach you how to defend yourself and keep on the right side of the law... I’ve only been coming here for a few weeks and even after the very first session I came away thinking “ wow I didn’t know that”.... James is not only skilled in his knowledge in self defence but his way of verbally explaining what’s what is also a skill in its self..... come and take a look.... If I can do it so can you...
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Just try it out!
Absolutely loved this class, I’m a complete beginner and it was tailored perfectly to my needs, initially out of my comfort zone but you can really tell James knows exactly what he is doing. Will be recommending him, and booking a further block of sessions
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Top training, highly recommend
I found the instruction to be top-notch and friendly and welcoming place.
10 Dec 2017
Wow I attended a class tonight, I’m a complete beginner, I don’t have a lot of confidence so my work colleague suggested I try something similar to this. All I’ve got to say is I found it perfect for my needs, the instruction from James immediately put me at ease and he positively encouraged me to push myself. Found it to be very friendly and welcoming, will be booking a block of sessions as soon as I can! JUST TRY IT! You’ll be hooked
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