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7 Long Lane, London, N3 2PR Directions

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Beowty !

I had the buffet around a week ago and the choice was pretty good. For some reason each additional visit to top up on food necessitated using a fresh plate. I can't remember seeing any indication whether the dishes were lacto, or vegan, so you'll just have to use your judgement on what to avoid - depending on your dietary/cruelty habits.
There weren't a great deal of people in the restaurant when we went - despite it being a Sunday - but the decor and general ambience was pleasant all the same - something which may not be fully shown off by the rather tacky photos on the restaurant's website.
The food certainly wasn't greasy, although it was quite filling/rich at times. Of more concern was its poor value especially if you're a small eater like myself - where one plate with a smallish heaping of food is all that's needed until considerably later in the evening. It'll probably be better if you look through the a la carte; this may tally up close to to the buffet and you'll find something you're looking for.
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Tony Glazier's review.

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

The dishes are tasty but small and turn out to be relatively expensive if you have much of an appetite.

If you register with them they may send you some money off vouchers which make the cost a little more reasonable on subsequent visits.

Its more of a cafe with no fancy table clothes or professional service but more utilitarian. Not really a romantic venue for two but more just a quick tasty meal.

It seems to have lost many customers recently and is often rather empty. I think that those still spending on eating out are going for the fancy traditional places with place settings and professional service.

Tony Glazier
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