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International Spiritualist, Clairvoyant & Medium Based in St Helens One to one St Helens Party Bookings St Helens/Warrington/Cheshire International Readings offered via Skype

Rachel is a Spirit Messenger, who is able to see, hear & feel your deceased loved one. Rachel is able to speak directly to your loved ones for you bringing forth validation & personal messages to you, providing evidence that your loved ones are very much alive on the other side! Rachel is available for private one to one readings in St Helens, group bookings, International Skype or Telephone Readings.

Rachel was trained at the famous Arthur Findlay College, it was here that she was fully able to understand and utilise her natural ability for Mediumship and where she made the conscious decision that she would dedicate her life to spirit and helping others. Rachel trains people of all levels, & the more experienced mediums/healers are now practicing in the profession.

For almost twenty years now Rachel has used her gift providing guidance, reassurance and messages of love, her natural warmth and compassion combined with astonishing evidence throughout her readings have established her as the foremost Medium in Dubai over the last fifteen years. Rachel is a natural empath & works closely with healing to assist others with physical illness, Rachel guides that people use the medical profession as well as working with the alternative practice of healing.


Rachel offers a non invasive innovative approach to healing, she uses a natural life force energy to balance the body and mind in all areas of the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental layers of your auric field. Reiki treats holistically & can be used alongside conventional medicine.
Past life Regression is used to recover memories of past lives or incarnations & can be a very spiritual journey. Under hypnosis questions will be asked to reveal identity & events, a similar technique used to recover memory therapy. PLR is a 2 hour appointment booking in St Helens unless Rachel is
Spiritual Regression can be achieved through hypnotherapy as with accessing a past life, a door of vibration called our super-subconscious, the access to the world of spirit, a bridging of two worlds coming together. LBL is a 2 hour appointment booking in St Helens.
Psychic/Clairvoyance sittings using divination tools with tarot cards & angel cards. Rachel has been using tarot cards/angel cards since her first stages of development which was in her 20's, providing guidance on work, personal, finance, health & family! Private Sittings also offered with cards.
Clairvoyance is a natural ability for Rachel where she will use her extrasensory perception to see future opportunities. Clairvoyance Rachel describes to be like watching a tv screen in her minds eye, however your free will is always taken into consideration. Testimonials on the website.
Mediumship is the ability to be able to connect to your deceased loved one. Rachel is able to see, hear & speak directly to the other side for you. Each sitting brings it's own humour & love, the evidence is profound! ​
Rachel is able to see, hear & directly speak to your guides, regarding your life path & choices. This form of sitting can provide great in-depth philosophy no matter what pathway you are going towards. It will give you great insight into your soul purpose & soul connections.

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Amazing Clairvoyant and Medium

I had several readings with Rachel, and I have always been impressed by her ability to connect with the spiritual world and provide me with answers to my many questions, which all came true. Rachel is a great clairvoyant and medium, and comes feom the heart. I had asked for her guidance recently regarding my current challenges in the training industry and she told me that I will come across a man who will help me see my path. I was wondering how can that be, as i had made many researches to find some people to help me, and i hadnt found what I needed. Indeed 2 days after my reading, i came across a man exactly as Rachel described him, who actually helped me find my path and resolve the challenge I was facing in my training business. Thank you Rach. I recommend Rachel to any person who wishes to be guided in his life. She is the best in what she does
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Rachel is very good everything she has said has come true in time.
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Excellent service - can't wait recommend highly enough!

Absolutely brilliant. Been a customer for over 10 years. Love the level of accuracy on the visits
There are so many people out there that provide a service like this albeit few and far between that can actually do the job well & Rachel is excellent. There are things she knew that no one knew. And live that I get to interact frequently with my farther that oasses away. Well worth a visit. I would hesitate to recommend Rachel to anyone
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