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Great service. Prompt & courteous responses. Great car!

I'd spent a couple of months watching Vauxhall Astra estates on Auto Trader knowing my beloved old banger was nearing the end. Watching on one in particular, I was all set to go for it when I saw the same model advertised by QCS, though at a slightly higher price. I went to visit both dealerships just to be sure, QCS being slightly further away. However, the service between the two was night and day. Tony from QCS responded promptly to my emails and calls and was courteous and helpful in person when I went out to test drive the car. In contrast, the other company may as well have had a sign outside saying 'we really can't be a***ed' as the mysterious Dave who had sent me a delayed response to an initial email wasn't there. Nobody seemed to care where Dave was, passing me from a grimy office to a group of bored looking mechanics who were too busy smoking to engage me. The car had been left to rot & had a chunk of upholstery missing. Went back to QCS, bought it & now very satisfied!
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Fantastic. Very genuine and honest car sales garage.

I bought a Fiat grande punto from this garage just under 3 months ago. Tony was very helpful from the beginning, from the test drive to the purchase.
He promised it would be ready for a certain date and it was, and it looks new when I picked it up thanks to him for valeting it.
The car needed a couple of things replacing and because it was still under warranty he said I can bring the car back to him and he will arrange for all the repairs to be carried out.
I was unable to take my car to him due to work, so I asked him of he could help me any other way. He did, and it's all worked out perfect.
Thank you so much Tony!
I would recommend him to everyone looking for a car around the queensferry and north wales area.
Very very genuine and polite guy.
All his cars seemed to be in good condition, and he has a lot of cars to choose from.
Ignore the other review about the cars being from auction. Who cares? Even if they are, if the cars are in good condition then it doesn't matter.

100% recommended
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