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Frances Stockton is dedicated to showing proof of the Spirit World and the ability to communicate with those that have passed on........

Born with a natural ability, her upbringing, training, and years as a plein air painter, helped her to develop a vibrational state where communication with the other side was strong and clear. Frances is equally clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

Her compassion, warmth and humor make her readings an unforgettable experience, while the accuracy of her ability to relay your loved one's words, word for word, and their personality with it - is truly jaw-dropping. To learn more about her training and personal experiences go to the About Frances page.

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This was the 14TH visit to one of the most remarkable spiritual places on Earth!
Here Frances is receiving messages from one of here guides!
Look at the Orbs spiritual energy, they look like moons, until you look closer and then they can also be seen on the pillars!
A closer inspection shows many many tree spirits!
Across the Nile river to the resting place of the pharoah's!
Normal working day on the farm.
A very active nile by night!

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crystal balls

feng shui


past life regression

tarot readings

psychic mediums

spiritual mediumship

crystal healing

Negative home energy clearance

spell casting white magik only


Frances is such a gifted medium

Frances has an amazing gift to communicate with those who have passed over to spirit world and each clients own soul. The guidance I have received from the spirit world is a treasured gift and beyond measure in helping me travel through some really difficult, traumatic, deeply emotional and physical times. The messages I have received in relation to both the past and future have been amazingly and wholly accurate. Frances connects to spirit at such a deep level and has brought through information I needed to make vital life saving decisions. The spirit guidance Frances channels has brought so much peace when I acted upon it. A few years ago Frances offered me a gift when she helped dear family member to pass over into spirit world, and without her help, I believe he would have been stuck earthbound. What a gift! Without Frances I’m not sure where I would be today and all I can offer is my heartfelt thanks. Having been to other Mediums before I met Frances, I know they don’t even remotely compare to the guidance, wisdom and accuracy offered by Frances. Once you have experienced a reading with Frances, you most certainly won’t seek a reading with any other medium. Thank you so much Frances
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