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Business overview

We offer grooming for all breeds of dog, cat and rabbit in modern and hygienic premises. We welcome nervous and elderly pets, and can treat all types of coat condition including badly matted coats.


Although cats will happily groom themselves without the need for assistance, there are times when a professional groom can be a real treat for your cat. A groom will make your cat look clean, relax your cat and take care of any areas that it cannot deal with such as long claws and matted coats.


Giving your dog a regular groom can greatly improve their skin and coat. It also allows you to check for any problems such as lumps, cuts or infection. As well as cleaning your dog, our experienced staff will also clip their coat and clean their teeth if required.

Our grooming staff use specially formulated shampoos and coat conditioners and we will either towel dry or blow dry their coat by hand.

Our staff are happy to offer advice on grooming and grooming products


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Excellent service

We had an excellent faultless service for our 7 year old dog
A weekend admission and tests started immediately on referral , excellent care was given by the nurse and vet who tried their utmost to diagnose our baby and treat appropriately whilst waiting for results. Sadly she was too poorly to save but we were shown and explained scans and given clear options and time to make informed decisions and had been regularly updated and reassured by phone over the weekend.

The vet was extremely caring and compassionate when we opted to end her suffering we were given time patience and privacy and we strongly feel we received the best service possible from start to finish . I would recommend Pride referrals to anyone based on our experience
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Excellent Service

Everyone should take it as it they find it. In our case an excellent service. Rang up for James just before Christmas as he had a thorn through the side of his eye and my local vet could not deal with it. Managed to see a wonderful vet, Goran, at three hours notice. He kept James in and operated as soon as he had time. Been back for check up over Xmas and New Year five times. He really put himself out to be helpful and accommodating. We have been there before despite an hour and half drive and all the Vets, Staff and reception have been wonderful. Richard and Samantha
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Shocking service don’t use

Shocking service. I’ve been trying to book into hydro for weeks. Tried calling 5 separate times over the last 2 weeks. Only called me back once after the first time I tried them and I missed their call. Since then I’ve tried 4 times over the course of two weeks. The phone rings and rings nobody answers. Yesterday I was on a call waiting system for 15mins nobody answered. I’m glad I didn’t need them in an emergency. I wrote an email complaint, within 3 minutes they emailed saying someone would call as a matter of urgency and nothing 24hours later. The reception team cannot book for the hydro with I find astonishing. They’ve a monopoly in the area as they’re the only one with a water treadmill. I won’t use them again for any our or dogs. Shabby over priced service.
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Pride Vets !Money before pets ..VIP Client since 2015 and left to ensure better care for my pets.

Would give zero if I could .We have an old cat with dementia and arthritis and the vet roughed her around so much she was agitated to the point of biting and clawing to escape .The vet behaved like it was a joke and laughed about it .Other vets are usually great with her but this vet pulled and twisted on her arthritic back legs until she was biting and clawing and then asked my husband and I to hold her down .Two attempts to get the booster in her neck and vet took so long that both myself and my husband had to fill out accident forms as the bites and scratches were so deep we were needing tetnus shots .We bring her every year for boosters and have never had such a traumatic awful experience.Needless to say we have removed all three of our animals from this practice. If its a"Steve Irwin /Crocodile Dundee" vet that you are after to watch them beat your furbaby into submission then Pride Vets is ideal for you if not then avoid at all cost . "Money before pets!"
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Money making outfit with no feelings.

we were referred to this centre by our vet (3 hour drive one way) for our dog that needed a body scan, we were told it would cost. £1600.
My vets sent his file to show blood test, Biopsy results etc.
As soon as we walked in my dog was taken away, the vet and another guy that stood in the room with his arms folded like a bouncer spoke to me saying he needed another blood test, they have had his file with the results forwarded to them already?
They said he needs an ultrasound as well as the scan, with another blood tests? Total cost £6000.
I told them all my vet has sent me there for was a scan and it was agreed a scan cost £1600
Sat in silence with Bouncer chap looking at me until i said I wasn't happy, I asked for them to bring my dog back.
I felt I was almost chucked out, Reception said £900 for an ultra sound and blood test, I said he has had nothing done?
Reception made a phone call and said its Just £425 for the blood test.
I paid just to get my dog away from them
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