Premier Banqueting London Ltd

1 Canning Rd, Harrow, HA3 7TS Directions

Tel 020 8427 4237


They took my hard earned wedding deposit and put the company to sleep. No morals.

Bunch of immoral thievs. They liquidated the company because they didnt want to honour their contracts. They took my hard earned money in covid even as a NHS nurse and disappeared into thin air. No remorse who ever you are. I didn't even get 1 phonecall from management, just i got a very shocking letter.
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Negative experience

We put a deposit down on a date for our wedding and we found a better venue. The person who was handling us did not state that the deposit was not refundable in an circumstance. He was very rude as well on the phone
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I would highly recommend Premier Banqueting!!

We had our wedding reception at Premier Banqueting on 30 October 2015. We had never heard of Premier Banqueting despite living near by (till someone recommended us), so it was a relief to find such a fantastic local venue.

After the food tasting we were a bit unsure on how the food will be on the day, but the food was absolutely fantastic. (We were informed that on the food tasting day, in order to cater for everyone the food may not be to our liking.) Everyone absolutely loved the food.

Binod (manager) was truly helpful throughout the event, so thank you Binod for your recommendations and ideas before the event and for the smooth running throughout the event.

Everything was pretty much spot on, but if there was one thing I had to mention as an improvement then it would be the table plans we were provided before the function. Based on the table plan we were given we placed certain close family members on certain tables, but the actual layout (especially the space between the tables near the chocolate fountain and the chocolate fountain) differed greatly, leading to some disappointment. However, in the grand scheme of things this is a minor point and not something Premier Banqueting cannot easily fix.

Overall I would highly recommend Premier Banqueting to anyone who is looking at venues. Listen to their recommendations and ideas - they are experienced and know what they are talking about!
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Poor First Hand Experience..

We booked this venue for our wedding reception (16/08/2015) so can write this review from first hand experience of Premier Banqueting in Harrow.

We went to visit the venue, which at the time had just been taken over by new management and was having renovation works done. We were told that by the time of our wedding reception, the works would be completed and the venue would be given a freshen up. This all sounded great.

We communicated with the management - a manager named Saurabh, who was extremely helpful and answered any of our questions before booking the venue.

Leading up to the reception, we visited the venue for mock table set up, food tasting and to see the venue set up for a venue.

On the food tasting, the food was not great, however we were assured that it would be better on the actual day - which in all honesty, it was.

On visiting the venue to view and event, I noted that the floor was very dirty, there was props etc in the smaller/canapé hall and there was unfinished electric work all over the venue, leaving exposed wiring out of the walls.
I spoke to the manager after my visit, and showed the photos, all to which I was assured that this would be sorted in time for our reception.

We decided to do our own centrepieces as we did not want the ones the venue provided, our own table numbers and our own menus too, as the one they were offering was just a A4 paper folded and was not very classy.

On the actual day of the reception and since, we had a lot of issues, hence the two star rating.

We had 500 people at our reception, however although we requested that the venue remove the props from the canapé hall, they did not do so. Our guests complained that the hall was tight due to there being décor from a previous set up still up and a false wall mid way through the hall.
It also took my father to have to go into the kitchen himself and complain that the canapés had run out, for them to make and bring out more.

We ordered our cake from a very reputable company and paid a substantial amount for it. On arriving I spoke to the cake vendor who spoke to the venue manager and explained that three tiers were real and the two bottom tiers were to be served to guests. The final tier was for us to take home.
We later found out that this was explicitly mentioned to the venue manager as during a reception the previous week, NO cake was served at all.

When the cake was served to our guests, only ONE bottom tier was served, with the other tier sat on a table by the dancefloor. We were told that staff were extremely rude to any guest, including close family, who asked for cake and stated that there was no cake left - which most definitely was not the case. This left us with a real tier which would cater for 250 people, to take home.

We were also told by numerous guests that desserts were not served to their table at all. This is very embarrassing for us as we ensured that there was ample amounts and types of desserts for our guests.

The worst part of the whole issue has been since our reception, we have contacted the management on numerous occasions to give us an explanation as to what happened. The venue manager has shifted the blame to other vendors etc and not taken responsibility for his mistake - although telling me on the day personally that he would "lose his job" if we complained.

We have also been in touch with the owners of the venue, who seem to ignore our emails and cannot even give us a simple apology and admit fault - A simple "sorry" would suffice.

Previously, I would have recommended this venue, however due to the way my partner and I have been ignored, I would not recommend this venue to anyone. There is no essence of cu
22 Sep 2016
HI there, can I ask if you have received an apology yet from premier banqueting?
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Would definitely recommend!!!

The facilities and venue were really well received by the guest and the chocolate was the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend Premier Banquet to friends.
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