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Don't take our word for it. Here's what our patients say - " I have been treated by many different physio's and Patrick is the best " - "Excellent physio! Would highly recommend!"

Postural Health Ltd is a well established private physiotherapy company with our principal Chartered Physiotherapists having 20 years of experience.

We offer longer than average treatment sessions to enable us, not only to get to know you and understand your injury, but to allow us to effectively treat signs and symptoms whilst also advising how to avoid repeat injury or aggravation.

All our staff have specific areas of interest - rehabilitation, back care, catastrophic injury recovery, sports injuries, referred pain.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and provide supervised exercise in a gym environment to target areas of weakness or to rehabilitate following injury or surgery.

Our belief that " Every body is different " means that we treat all our patients as individuals.

We follow strict professional guidelines to ensure that we use the most effective and up to date treatments available whilst remaining competitively priced.


Is your physiotherapist Chartered? Please ensure that any therapist you choose is a fully insured member of the CSP - ensuring safe standards of treatment and care.
All therapists registered with HCPC adhere to strict clinical guidelines. Please ensure your therapist is fully registered.
Patrick is a member of the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice
Director / Chartered Physiotherapist
Co Director / Chartered Physiotherapist
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Postural Health Ltd do a lot of work with postural alignment, exercises and core stability. Our experienced physiotherapists also treat many patients with hands-on manual therapy, spinal mobilisations and massage.
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Patrick supported the local Black Country triathlon group at the Iron Man 2010 in Nice, France, performing stretches, massage and soft tissue treatments.
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The use of body weight resistance training allows people of all ages to work their core as well as building stability around supporting joints. Training can be graduated to suit the individual and can be aimed at specific muscle groups eg quads following knee surgery.
Patrick Hyde treating members of the Black Country Triathlon club at the 2010 Iron Man in Nice, France.
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Massage is not inly relaxing but has many benefits including improving circulation, increasing healing rate, reducing scar tissue and adhesion formation
Sports massage is a deeper massage than traditionally used for relaxation and is used regularly by most elite athletes to promote performance and reduce likelihood of injury
Shoulders need prompt treatment to prevent the occurrence of a frozen shoulder. Simple exercises, massage, joint mobilisations and stretches can all be used as part of the treatment regime
Everybody from elite sportsmen to elderly users find the TRX training beneficial for stabilising joints following pain or injury.
As physios and masseurs we attend local events to support runners and triathletes.
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The use of buoyancy in the water can be used to reduce the weight going through legs and so can improve walking patterns, increase range of movement and ease pain.
Core stability is a large part of our physiotherapy practice, providing a stable foundation for body movement to occur safely and smoothly. Core stability is practiced in the form of Pilates, Swiss ball and TRX training. All ages can participate in one to one sessions or in small groups.
Patrick Hyde is a member of the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice

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  • Sports Therapy Association
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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  • Physiotherapy, BSc (University Level Qualification)
  • Sports and Exercise Medicine, MSc (University Level Qualification)


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