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FishLife is a professional POND (& aquarium) service provider, encompassing all aspects of pond and water-feature maintenance. PHONE RICHARD ON 07711995665 FOR FRIENDLY ADVICE


Phone Richard on 07711995665 or 01428 606003


POND Specialist FishLife is different to other similar POND (& aquarium) service providers: we have a genuine interest and fascination in all aspects of the natural world. Richard Fulford started FishLife because he felt that there was an opportunity in the market for a professional with a background in aquatic science; he studied at Sparsholt College for a National Certificate in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management; holds Advanced Diplomas in Fish Biology & Health, and Water Chemistry & Filtration. In addition to his qualifications, he has worked in all of the principle areas of the aquatics industry wand has 20 years of experience.

Richard thoroughly enjoys talking about PONDS; fish; aquatic life and water-gardening, and is only too keen to visit your pond or aquarium and discuss his services with you, or just provide a consultation - ask him to analyse the water chemistry in your pond or aquarium! FishLife is friendly; personal and accommodating. Contact Richard for free advice.

If you would like your pond (big or small) cleaned or just some general maintenance; or require an overhaul/service of the filter system, please give us a call; text or email:




[email protected]


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The old liner was damaged beyond repair, so we were asked to re-line the pond with a quality EPDM liner. Another very happy client.
The clients didn't even know there was a pond when they first bought the property!
The only option available was to line this pond with an EPDM pond-liner.
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  • Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (Membership: 2892)



Richard does a first class job, he is reliable , honest and hard working and is always happy to explain things to his clients. I would always be happy to recommend him .
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Richard, owner of FishLife, saved our pond!

Since moving in to our home in 2012, we've had nothing but trouble with green water and then blanketweed. It was evident the pond was in a dire state; the fish looked poorly, and the filter and pump just didn't make sense. There was a lot of muck in the pond, and we were close to filling it in!
But then a friend of ours referred us to Richard, the owner of FishLife. What can I say; from the outset it was clear that Richard knew his stuff. He began by visiting the pond and explained to us why the pond looked so miserable. He is qualified and accredited by the Aquatic Trade Association and a regular speaker for BBC Radio. Richard suggested he clean the pond and install a new filter system. We were pleasantly surprised by his quote for the required work, and gave him the go ahead. A month later we have a 'brand new' pond, crystal clear and beautifully clean! We have asked him to return in the spring to introduce some more plants and to service the filter. - Linda & George Wallington
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I like Fishlife

Richard is a very compitant Fishlife and pond expert.
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An absolutely excellent service

Richard and his colleague Joel have just done an excellent job completely renovating our very old and leaking concrete pond. We had not been sure what to do about it but Richard is very knowledgeable and gave us lots of useful advice. The pond had to be drained and relined which necessitated taking up and relaying the ironstone crazy paving around the edge - not an easy task, but they did it really well. The pond was congested with overgrown plants and was full of fish (goldfish and sticklebacks), frogs and other wildlife so we had been very concerned about having it drained. However, we need not have worried because they took great care of the fish and other wildlife which are now swimming around happily in their renovated home with a selection of repotted plants. We are absolutely delighted with the result and would definitely use them again. Maggy and Philip
20 Nov 2016
Hi Maggy and Philip, it was an absolute pleasure to work on your pond; this was the first time we had worked with iron stone. Thank you. Richard
20 Nov 2016
Hi Maggy and Philip, it was an absolute pleasure to work on your pond; this was the first time we had worked with iron stone. Thank you. Richard
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Very pleased

We recently had Richard of FishLife clean our pond. We are really pleased with the standard of his work. He not only cleaned the pond thoroughly, but also cleaned and replaced the material in the filter and changed the ultraviolet light bulbs. He re-potted the lilies and other plants and even pressure washed the surrounding patio. 5 Star service and a quality job. As a result, we will be asking him to maintain our pond on-going.
Shirley and Derrick.
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