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Piano Lessons in East Molesey, London.

Petra Casén has many years experience as a piano teacher and chamber music coach. She works with children and adults alike at all levels of learning and she incorporates the principles of Yoga and The Alexander Technique in her holistic approach to teaching.

She will develop a programme of study to suit the needs of each individual pupil. Preparing for formal examinations is only optional. Petra gives private tuition and is at present tutor at the Centre for Young Musicians in London. In addition, she runs workshops and gives lecture recitals.

Petra Casén is based in London. She is a versatile artist, equally at home in repertoire of the Baroque era as in Classical, Romantic and 20th century repertoire. As a solo recitalist she is known for her imaginative and engaging programmes in which she likes to juxtapose familiar works with the less familiar. She is also an experienced and sought after chamber musician and accompanist.


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The Best Piano/Music Teacher I Have Ever Had......

After my 60 years of off-on piano lessons, Petra gets my "best-ever" vote! A hugely,hugely experienced problem-solver;great musician;empathetic listener and communicator, Petra has a real interest in her pupils and their progress.While she is keen on a disciplined but supportive approach , I am encouraged to choose pieces that I would love to play, and to express how I want them to sound (without deviating too wildly from composers' intentions--but we discuss these openly too!). Petra understands now my crazy life chairing Arts organisations which means some lessons go better than others--and helps me with my frustrations when they do not go as well as I would like on "bad-playing days".During lockdown ,zoom lessons have worked almost as well as in person on iPads.Overall ,over several years now I have found Petra highly motivating,helpful,caring and full of creative ideas to get over technical and musical obstacles .I am really enjoying making piano part of my day as often as I can .
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Petra’s piano lessons are so precious and valuable.

Petra’s piano lessons are so precious and valuable, filled with endless knowledge that not only leads you around the art of music, but they gave you valuable lessons on life. Recently, I had gone through a slump in playing piano due to personal issues at school, but Petra stood by me as not only a teacher but also as a friend and united me with the piano and helped me rediscover why I loved it. Petra’s teaching is so unique. She has this whole other view on the piano that guides you to a whole other universe of what the piano is. A work of art and emotion which many pianists lack. Even my mother who listens to me play, has learned the beauty and sophistication of Petra’s teachings. I cannot do without her. I would strongly advise those who would want to learn the piano at any stage and age to look towards Petra’s lessons as a pathway to learning something new about yourself, the world around you and the music around you. She’s wonderful.
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Relearning as an adult

Since starting with Petra two years ago I feel that my playing has improved enormously and I am greatly enjoying the learning process.
I am now in my seventh year of relearning as an adult in my retirement. What I find particularly notable about Petra is her thoroughness and attention to detail - as it is through this that one makes progress. By thinking through such basics as body posture, hand and wrist position and touch I am now much more confident about playing music in a way that reflects its mood, style and overall effect.
Petra always makes me feel good - even when I find passages difficult. She is encouraging - and also charming - it's good to talk about music with her and learn from her insights.
(In addition, Petra is a great pianist herself and I am hoping that once concerts are possible,she will be performing again . I have enjoyed her recitals. )
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Excellent piano teaching with Petra Casen

I have had piano lessons with Petra for two years and I highly recommend her. I was very rusty and unconfident having learned piano many years ago and Petra has brought my skill back to an enjoyable level with her patience and excellent teaching. She is a beautiful musician in her own right with a sensitive ear to each piece of music. She teaches a variety of levels and experience from beginner, to intermediate and advanced and I know she has many young pupils she brings on and encourages. During lockdown we have successfully continued with zoom lessons and my ability has continued to improve. I am very happy I found Petra.
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Friendly and patient

I always look forward to my lessons with Petra. She is friendly and patient and teaches technique in a way I’ve never experienced before. Petra is also a pianist with small hands so I really appreciate her work with me to find ways to overcome the issues that stem from that. She has a vast knowledge of the lives of composers and her lessons with me are actually a very broad all round music education. She ties this in with the expressive elements of music and encourages movement and flow to help communicate it.
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