Peach Garden

46 Avondale Avenue, Penshaw, Houghton Le Spring, DH4 7QS Directions

Tel 0191 584 6903


Decent Chinese takeaway but food dangerously hot in unsuitable containers

Food is usually good here and large portions are provided. However, the sauce in the cartons is always far too hot causing the cartons to melt/become very soft.

I’ve always thought this is an accident waiting to happen and indeed this time the carton burst on just picking it up sending scalding hot sauce everywhere and causing a rather bad scald. Luckily this wasn’t a child and some quick action helped limit the damage somewhat.

There is no need for the sauce to be so hot, and if the restaurant wants to serve the sauce this hot then suitable containers could be used.

Overall a reasonable Chinese takeaway with fairly consistent good food, but experience soured by the dangerously hot sauce/unsuitable cartons which have finally lead to a scalding incident.
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Ordered from this Chinese for years and never once had a bad meal, best Chinese takeaway there is around the north by a mile, New munch boxes are amazing if you like salt and pepper, would recommend this to anyone looking for a 5 star takeaway.
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