Pat Psychic Medium

30 Falmouth Rd, Irlam, Manchester, M44 6EJ Directions


Amazing experience

I was honestly slightly a apprehensive before the reading as I had no idea what to expect.

It Really is interesting to have someone be able to analyse you in a way only usually you can yourself which may be very different to how you present yourself in public or are perceived. Pat was able to contact my ancestors in the family for them to give me advise on current and future life choices I face. Often in yourself you are aware of the right choice to make but to have someone you know who is 100% in your corner is helping to guide you along the right path.

In general it was also very positive for the future and you will alwyss have a certain amount of control over the future so that shouldn't put you off going. Pat was able to list a few ancestors I had to look up as well as pinpointing a family members death as to who and when it was as well as knowing I want to move and change jobs. Pat was also really friendly and put me at ease so I can't recommend the experience enough.
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