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Professional property services | Trusted expertise in buying, selling and letting since 1825 | Brighton, Bognor Regis and Portsmouth

PS&B | Parsons Son and Basley, have been providing property solutions to clients since 1825. We are responsible for the letting and management of thousands of properties throughout the UK and are well established as one of the premier agents in the South East of England, with offices in Brighton, Bognor Regis and Portsmouth.

We have a staff of over 50 trained property people including members of RICS, ARLA, IRPM, NAVA and other trade related bodies. Our clients range from national multiple retailers, corporate bodies, banks, building societies and other financial institutions to private individuals, trusts, charities and local businesses.


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Amazing customer service. Highly recommend

I recently rented a property with PS&B and they were fantastic - Our estate agent was amazing at viewing and the whole way through the renting process. Really supportive and kind. She was there to answer any questions we had as it was a first time from moving out of home.

Great customer service
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Steer Clear!

After finding a two bed bungalow with PS&B in December 2013, we were delighted at how friendly and efficient the lettings team were and how eager they were to get us moved in during January 2014 (The bungalow had not been rented for the last six months apparently), however soon after they started to turn and we regretted ever renting through PS&B. After a few months, the toilet kept breaking (required a plumber to do the job properly), PS&B took days if not weeks to get the issue fixed, despite the bungalow being managed by them directly. After a third plumber had been out to 'fix' the toilet, we received a letter from PS&B stating that the maintenance clause of the contract was changing and no longer included the toilet or similar water facilities, however we had not signed nor agreed to this. In June, they decided to do carry out their routine visit, however they gave us less than 24 hours notice. When they arrived we pointed out many issues with the property including the toilet, the mould in the bedrooms and the loose fence in the back garden that was close to collapsing, however these were ignored and we heard nothing regarding these concerns. However, they did send us a letter stating that we were breaching our contract as a third person 'was living there', however the third person stayed for a maximum of two weeks at a time, as outlined in the agreement. It was only because there were a few personal possessions that PS&B sent this letter, with a copy of the agreement and threatened that the Landlord could ask us to leave as it was a breach of contract. After a few months of arguing our case with PS&B, we decided to add the third person to the tenancy, I went to their Brighton office in person to request that this is added, and we were quoted £150 administration fee to which we agreed. A few days later we received a letter from PS&B who had decided to try and charge us over £1,200 and increase the rent by an additional £100, they also wanted me and the current tenant to undergo new checks in order to rake in a few extra pennies! We wrote PS&B a formal letter of complaint outlining our concerns and how we were unhappy with the way we had been treated, we stated that the original rent was for the property as outlined on their website prior to us moving in, and therefore shouldn't change because of an additional person, however they were keen to fob us off. Eventually, the lettings manager got in touch and responded to our complaint, as a result he offered to reduce their own administration fees by 50%, however this would have only meant a reduction of around £200, still asking for £1,000 which is far more than the original £150 we were quoted. After we were dissatisfied with their response, we decided to hand in our notice of vacation, however this again was a costly expense after they had asked for £3,000 in charges in order to vacate the property before the tenancy ended - apparently being treated unfairly does not constitute a right to end the tenancy. Once again, the lettings manager had been in touch and defended PS&B as a business and stated that their loyalties lie with their client (the landlord), we asked for a meeting to be arranged between ourselves, PS&B and the landlord however PS&B declined and said it would not be possible. PS&B then carried out a second mid term routine visit (the second in two months), we once again pointed out the issues we had experienced with the property, however this was once again ignored. We finally handed our notice of vacation in during November 2014 after finding alternative properties with much nicer agencies, it took PS&B a whole week to process a reference for us, which meant a delay in our applications for a tenancy with the new agencies. After all the end of tenancy paperwork had been completed, we had
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