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This event is to create awareness for all the entrepreneurs in our society and recognise their contribution to the community at large

Pace Setters Business Expo is organised to bring entrepreneurs, start-up ventures and small businesses together from different walks of life to showcase their products and services in order to create awareness in the community. The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximise their business potentials. The event also honours the people in the society who have set a good pace to be emulated by others.

PSBEXPO is not restricted to any colour, tribe, denomination or sex. Our vision at PSBEXPO is creating a world changing event with a purpose of embracing diversity, uniting people, diversity fashion shows, hair & beauty, food & entertainment, global networking, young talents, creating opportunities and providing a supportive platform to connect, learn other cultures, get career advice, be inspired, make new connections and above all, celebrating one another. Pace Setters Business Expo was conceived with several goals in mind:

• To offer recognition to diverse dedicated and inspiring entrepreneurs worthy of emulation in our community,

• To honour people that are pace setters for others to follow,

• To bring attention to our local talented business owners,

• To promote talented producers of branded products in our society,

• To share knowledge and tips to crack global markets and growth in a short time,

• To create an environment for “Business Networking”,

• To promote economic development by focusing on the creative class,

• To showcase global artists in the field of fashion, beauty, and performing arts.

This mega event will offer an international platform for designers, craftsmen, business owners and entrepreneurs from every walk of life to network with buyers and the media. It is a great opportunity to showcase local talents and network with people of like minds.


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