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Otto provides more than a car. We are London’s largest community of PCO drivers.

Otto provides more than a car. We are London’s largest community of PCO drivers.

We have helped more than 20,000 people like you onto the road to success. From a simple PCO rental to a car ownership plan, from the fully electric Kia Niro EV to the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, we always hold a huge range so you get the PCO car that suits you best.

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Otto car how to make your UBER life more complicated

Their staff looks terrified of their management, management himself looks very incompetent!
The company is crossing many lines.
They will take a big margin on your “rent to buy” car.
Once you are tied up with them for 3 or 4 years anything goes!
You have to get the repair from their garage, they will put you on a courtesy vehicle for ages because they charge the insurance- might request cash payment, no invoice no prove of part ordered or work being conducted.
They literally left my EV on flat battery for weeks. Gave me back the car with a battery to change and a broken speaker. I have heavily complained - it has so little effect that the following time they left my car on flat battery again.
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EV charges

I have been with Otto car now for over 3 years and have never had any issues they have provided me with excellent service yesterday Friday 29th April 2022 I received a phone call from a lady called Sharon Bahrami informing me that I owe over £390.00 in EV charges as I have exceeded my weekly charging Credit. On Otto car website it states that for £39.00 a week I will be provided with around 245Kwh and 800 miles that’s what it states on the website it’s not me saying it it’s in writing on Otto Cars Website and that’s what I was told when I signed up for the Car + Charge Plan I have never exceeded my allowance of 245Kwh per week. I have now been told I have exceeded my £39.00 a week allowance,£39.00 of EV charge will charge my car (Ioniq 5) for 1 Day if I use the 150kw or 2 days on the 50kw chargers so how is that giving me 800 miles a week and 245kwh whoever set up this with the charging companies has made a mistake and they expect the drivers to foot the bill to be continued
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Excellent service

Joined Otto on February for Toyota…
Joined Otto on February for Toyota electric car hire While I find my own car during this period my experience with Otto being extremely professional the car being Fully serviced 2 weeks ago Even tyres changed at no cost to me. Yesterday I returned my hired car to Hammersmith branch I was served by Abdul he is extremely nice checked the car fully and Than called Marta to refund my deposit the money in my bank following day
Overall during this time with Otto I had good experience no complaints very efficient.
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Very unprofessional

Very unprofessional. Tell you on the fon that car is available than you go there and there is nothing. They have hired all the weirdos of the world to do the risk assessment test. These guys will not judge you on your driving, they will basically ask you some random personal questions, on the basis of that they can fail a driver, whos been driving for 7 years without any they will ask you something personal not related to driving, if they don't like your answer they will start taking out mistakes in your driving. How bad this company is it. Just imagine how many customers otto car have lost.
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Bad in every way

Bad experience from the beggining. Promised to have the car in 2 weeks and waited 2 months.
After exceeding the mileage, they asked for the car to give it back,with no possibility to pay the extra mileage.
Contract terminated for breach of terms, after meeting where they said they’ll think to a solution.
No email,no phone to announce me, oh yeah, one email, after everything was terminated,quite nice message saying.. Thanks and goodbye.
We’ll, very unproffesional attitude, unfortunatly.
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