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British Garden Centres are a group of garden centres located across the country.

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Refund and poor customer service.

I was surprised when I went to return a item told that we don’t give refund only exchange. As soon as I mentioned refund to the lady (either she was manager or something) there was no smile or asked me what was wrong with the item she shouted at the member of staff ‘ can you do the refund’ and told me to go to that lady so she can serve the paying customer. How rude. So be careful if you are buying something from this garden centre. Think twice otherwise you will be stuck with item. Never had the issue before. Seems like new owner is happy to take your money but find it difficult to give it back
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The biggest problem for me with this place is that they just do not answer the phone. No matter what time of day. No matter what department. No one answers the phone.
They should be honest and give a message saying "calls will not be answered today".
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Awful service

Osterley Garden centre very poor on looking after customers. I have an outstanding order from mid April, it’s now May. The delivery is made without a time and date arranged for delivery, no phone call as promised. I have been unable to make contact with anyone who can sort out the order. I have tried to phone regularly, there is no answerphone and the phone is never been answered! I have had no reply to any e mail# either. 3 visits have resulted in a part order being delivered, luckily I was iat home as the delivery turned up with no notice. The following two visits I was met with assurances that I would be contacted but as the staff member on the last visit said someone would phone me the following day but I again heard nothing; he also made out that I should be pleased as I had had a part delivery.
I recommend anyone wanting a delivery should look elsewhere. A pity as the restaurant is makin* a very good effort to provide good service.
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Winter garden furniture

Ordered lovely garden furniture set in April to be delivered in mid June this year, guaranteed delivery they said. So I waited, the 20th comes and goes so I ring the Osterley store, it's been delayed I might have it in August the end of summer so sorry said the shop floor sales person Keith the manager will call you today, no after sales call from any manager even the one that was meant to call. And to add insult to injury the sets from the shop floor have been sold to who every walked in the shop, the managers didn't stop to think about I don't know the people who in April ordered and paid in full didn't cross there minds to maybe go down the list and maybe offer and I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who this happened to the display set. So had to go in and get a refund and have to go in the height of the summer and find a set, so thank you Osterley garden centre for your terrible customer service.
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Fantastic Service ! No disaster.....

Disaster avoided. I must say what seemed to be initially an absolute disaster was turned around by swift
and prompt action on behalf of the staff at the garden centre. We ordered some Patio tiles only to find
that 2 days before the builders were to arrive the tiles were no longer available. We were obviously
very concerned after some initial confusion Nilesh the General manager and Lewis the manager
moved swiftly to remedy the situation. They were both a delight to deal with and were on the case
my fears were quickly alleviated.

Not only did they get the delivery arranged in time for the builders but they sourced a much better
quality tile, which covered a larger area and threw in 4 bags of cement for any inconvenience

I was over the moon and can only thank Niles and Lewis for their professional customer service.

The patio is coming on nicely and will look fantastic with the tiles you supplied .

Thank you so much.

Karen from Harrow
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