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Oraanj Interior Designs: Your Path to Award-Winning Interior Design. Create spaces that Reflect Your Unique Style with Our Best Interior Design Services.

At Oraanj Interior Designs, we're passionate about transforming your spaces into masterpieces. Our team of experienced interior designers combines artistic flair with practicality, making your vision a stunning reality through award-winning interior design. Elevate your space today with the best interior design services in London.


Art Deco glamour, characterized by bold geometric patterns and plush furnishings.
Modern and minimalist with a focus on clean lines and neutral color palettes.
Mid-century modern flair with iconic furniture and light panel.
Scandinavian simplicity with light wood, clean design, and hygge vibes.
Mid-century modern flair with iconic furniture and retro colours.
A modern living room adorned with abstract art and bold, geometric patterns and marble texture panel.
A light-filled room with floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing the outdoors in.
Transitional style, a balanced mix of modern and traditional elements
Grey dining room, blending golden elements with contemporary design
Rustic charm meets modern convenience in this wooden washroom interior
Elegant and timeless, featuring a blend of rich white tones and classic furnishings
Entrance foyer with gold embellishments and artistic decor
Elegant and timeless with modern bed and rich teal color paint
A bathroom that harmoniously blends grey tones and white tiles for a tranquil escape
A clean and welcoming study interior with bright colors, black rotating seating, and graphic decor
A mid-century modern living space with iconic furniture pieces and dramatic patterns
Luxurious Art Deco dining interior with glamorous gold accents and abstract painting
A vintage-inspired room with modern furniture and traditional wallpaper
French country-inspired dining area with warm, classical charm
A nature-inspired haven featuring rustic brick wall and natural textures
Wood-grain accents add a touch of nature to this contemporary washroom
A romantic chamber with soft, dimmed lighting and a white upholstered bed.
A cozy and welcoming home office interior with warm colors, tan seating, and soft lighting
Glamorous Hollywood Regency-style dining space, exuding old-world glamour
Vintage retro diner-style dining space with checkered mirror and crystal lightinh
A luxurious sanctuary adorned with plush green velvet and gilded accents
A harmonoius sanctuary adorned withpeach walls and wooden dressing
An open-concept conference room and office layout promoting employee interaction and communication
High-contrast black and white dining interior for a bold and dramatic effect
Minimalist Scandinavian design, featuring a simple, functional dining setting
A minimalist haven with clean lines and neutral colors
A modern paradise filled with eclectic patterns and vibrant colors
A modern living room adorned with abstract art and bold, geometric patterns and marble texture panel
A rustic home theater with wooden walls and relaxing seating
white and clean marble textured bathroom
An art-centric living room with a gallery wall and creative decor
A maximalist living room bursting with color and pattern and highlights of gold
An eco-conscious living room using sustainable materials and comfortable seating
A serene Zen retreat with minimal clutter anddramatic wall and bed back panel
A maximalist pantry space with bold colors and fabric
A modern and luxurious bedroom design features sleek, contemporary furnishings, elegant decor, and high-end amenities for a comfortable retreat.
Transform your living space with these creative statement wall ideas that add style and personality to your home.
Tranquil office relaxation zone with soothing decor, comfy seating, and stress-relief elements.
Elevate your space with a contemporary bedroom design, featuring clean lines, neutral palettes, and modern furnishings for a sleek, tranquil retreat.
Modern minimalist dining rooms offer a serene, contemporary dining experience with their clean lines, neutral colors, and uncluttered design.
A traditional classic entryway greets visitors with timeless elegance, featuring ornate detailing, warm color palettes, and antique furnishings for a welcoming and sophisticated first impression.
A creative nook below the staircase maximizes space with innovative shelving, cozy seating, and personalized decor, providing a versatile and inspiring area within your home.
Sleek and modern bathroom with clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist design.
The dark colors and minimalist design create a sense of calm and focus. The painting adds a touch of personality and interest to the space.
A simple and serene bedroom exudes tranquility with a minimalist design, neutral tones, uncluttered space, and cozy furnishings for ultimate relaxation.
A bright and airy modern minimalist hallway entrance with white walls, a hardwood floor, and a simple console table.
A stylish contemporary bathroom features clean lines, modern fixtures, and a refined design for a sophisticated bathing experience.
A stylish contemporary bathroom features clean lines, modern fixtures, and a refined design for a sophisticated bathing experience.
Spacious modern bathroom with black marble walls, glass shower stall, freestanding soaking tub, and double vanity.
A modern minimalist bedroom boasts simplicity, clean lines, and serene ambiance for relaxation.
Luxurious dining room with modern design, high-end furnishings, and lavish details for a truly special dining experience.
An entryway with a coat rack, shoe storage, and a mirror, all in a stylish and modern design.
A compact study design with a desk, chair, and bookshelf, all organized to maximize space.
Both stylish and comfortable, with high-quality materials and finishes.
A contemporary accent wall features a sleek mirror that adds depth and style to your space.
A playful and imaginative children's bedroom design with vibrant colors, fun themes, and functional furnishings for an inspiring and cosy space.
Embracing sleek lines, iconic furnishings, and a timeless retro-inspired aesthetic.
Leek furniture, a clean design, and ample natural light, creating a productive workspace.
Modern bathroom design embodies simplicity and sophistication, featuring clean lines, luxurious fixtures.
Minimalist elegant bathroom design, characterized by clean aesthetics, simple lines, and understated luxury.
Sophisticated contemporary kitchen, showcasing sleek design, high-end appliances, and functional elegance.
A luxurious and contemporary bedroom with lavish furnishings, cutting-edge technology, and a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Bedroom design encompasses sleek furnishings, vibrant accents, and a modern aesthetic, creating a stylish and comfortable space.
Bathroom design defined by its clean lines high-end fixtures, and a tranquil atmosphere.
Kitchen design offering both functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal for a truly stylish and practical cooking environment.
Elegant and timeless, featuring a blend of rich wood tones and classic furnishings
A sleek and modern home theater with plush seating and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology
A cozy home cinema featuring reclining leather chairs and starry ceiling lighting
Luxurious and opulent, showcasing ornate details and sumptuous fabrics
Mid-century design, embracing clean lines, vintage charm, and iconic retro elements for a stylish and timeless culinary space.
Chic modern bedroom design, characterized by sleek furnishings, neutral tones, and a contemporary ambience.
Office design that seamlessly incorporates plants, fostering a harmonious blend of productivity and nature's tranquility.
Modern kitchen with minimalist elegance, and a fresh, airy aesthetic space that creates both inviting and functional design.
Pristine white hues with sleek lines, cutting-edge appliances, and a minimalist aesthetic.
Timeless design elements creating a welcoming and nostalgic environment.
Contemporary design to create a functional and stylish focal point in your living space.
Living area style, featuring sophisticated furnishings, tasteful decor, and a harmonious design.
Bedroom featuring nostalgic decor, classic furnishings, and a cosy ambiance.
Lounge room featuring comfortable seating, stylish decor, and a warm ambiance that invites relaxation and socialisation.
Retro elements, clean lines, and a cozy atmosphere for a stylish and welcoming home.
A lavish bedroom with plush furnishings, elegant finishes, and a tranquil atmosphere.
Modern kitchen with clean lines, functional layout, and wood accents.
A traditional living area with a comfortable sofa and armchairs, and elegant coffee table.
Timeless design elements creating a welcoming and nostalgic environment.
Bedroom featuring nostalgic decor, classic furnishings, and a cosy ambiance.
Sleek and stylish bedroom design with slat panel accent wall acting as focal point of the room, adding texture and interest.
The black and white color scheme is both sophisticated and timeless.
Simple bedroom-study design with neutral colors create a calm and productive environment.
Sleek and stylish design with a pop of color creates a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.
Modern salon design incorporates sleek and functional elements, trendy decor, and a comfortable ambiance to create a stylish space for hair and beauty services.
An open-concept living area featuring smart home technology and integrated dining room
A fusion of Scandinavian design and industrial elements, creating a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere
A sleek and minimalist space with clean lines and a neutral color palette
Double heighted lobby with green furnishing
A fusion of Scandinavian design and cottage core elements, creating a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere
Double heighted lobby with green furnishing
A modern office interior design featuring sleek, minimalist aesthetics with open workspaces
A collaborative office space designed for creativity and innovation, with flexible seating arrangements


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  • Houzz Awards: Best of Houzz Interior Design 2021 - Finalist


  • British Interior Design Association
  • Society of British Interior Design


  • Interior Design, MA (University Level Qualification)


Brilliant Design Choices

Oraanj Interior Design made brilliant design choices for my space. It's stylish, practical, and absolutely beautiful. They turned my vision into reality.
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Living Room Luxurious Design

Yogita's designs are timeless. Years later, my living room still receives compliments. She's an artist, no doubt.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
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Customer Service

Their customer service is first-rate. They were consistently courteous, professional, and accommodating throughout the project. Any concerns or questions I had were addressed promptly and effectively. Highly recommend Oraanj Interior Design.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
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Masterful Vision

Orranj's masterful vision breathed new life into my home. It's a designer's dream realized.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
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Quality Design Service

Exceptional e-design service. The entire process was seamless and I loved the designs they came up with for my office. Would highly recommend their services.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
16 Oct 2023
Thank you for your positive feedback.
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