O2 Academy Liverpool

11-13 Hotham St, Liverpool, L3 5UF Directions

   Now closed Open today 12:00 - 16:30

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Academy Music Group operates live music and club venues across the UK.


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I've only been here once to see the fratellis but it was so good! The place is small enough you can hear the music, but it's spacious so that you're not squeezed in like cattle! There is a balcony for those who want to stay out of the way too, and it's nicely air conditioned. The bar is a bit pricey and is limited in what they sell, and there was quite a queue to buy drinks. The venue itself is great though. also if you're going to buy merchandise, wait until the end and it's half price outside! The location is quite hard to find and can look a bit dodgy but it's fine, and the train station and a taxi rank is right next to it, and it's within walking distance of loads of bars!
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The Carling Academy

good place, gets some good gigs, great atmosphere. quite an intimate venue.
In a dodgy location, but the club is safe.

Bad thing is that they can put on a few shows at the same time.....so if you have a loud heavy band upstairs and a quiet acoustic band downstairs then you are knackered if you want to listen to the acoustics.

Also most gigs have a short curfew time, they are usually only on for an hour and then get off at 10.30.

The downstairs room is quite a funky place. It has a small stage and a dark hall/type dance floor bit, then this raised level with the bar on and some odd windows in the wall so you can view the band from the side.

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Best place in liverpool for music

This academy hasent been open that long,as i remember all the gigs used to be down in mount plesant!
This place is so much better, just a 2minute walk from lime street station! perfect to get your last train in time!
There are 2 rooms which bands play in. The 1st one being the biggest, where most of the bands play.This is a long room with a bar to the back and side and theres a balcony aswell. The second one is more smaller, but still has 2 barss. There is also a mini balcony to stand on to the side!perfect for small people!
This is a well known venue in liverpool now,it also ha random clubnights on in the weekdays! so check it out!
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