New Rainbow

70 Commercial St, Newport, NP11 6BA Directions


Sadly going down in quality

This is the 3rd time in about 2 months I've ordered food and its regrettable that it's going to be the last. I was hoping for improved quality to the last time I visited as im always willing to give another chance (or two) but this is now the final straw. The chicken curry that previously was cooked just right has changed, there's no longer the sound of a sizzling wok in its preparation as it's been replaced by the sound of someone defrosting and warming up a plastic container of grey chicken breast chunks (half as many as previously) and throwing in a spoonful of peas. It was obviously a frozen meal as there was a layer of water on the top of the food. The other dishes were equality as unappetising, sweet and sour chicken in batter was so greasy and clearly recooked that it was wet and oily on the outside and chicken like rubber inside. The accompanying rice dishes were like an almost edible brick which could be cut into slices rather than light and fluffy. Sorry but bye!
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