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Holistic Top To Toe Chiropractic Care to Help You Achieve Your Health and Life Goals.

Welcome to New Milton Chiropractic and our holistic, natural approach to your Health and Wellbeing. Our moto is Whole Body, Whole Life.

We recognise that pain is the sign your body needs help.

Our priority is to address the cause of any problem and not just mask the symptoms so that you can achieve your health and life goals!

At New Milton Chiropractic we deliver safe, effective and thorough Chiropractic care for your whole body, by adjusting joints from ‘top to toe’.

This includes not just back care, but for the jaw, neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, thumbs, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

This pro-active approach is designed to get your joints functioning well.

This enables normal movement, which is key to reducing pain and promoting overall health and wellbeing.

We are the longest established Chiropractic Clinic in New Milton and have been trusted with the health of the people of Bournemouth, Christchurch and the New Forest since 1982.

Our four Doctors of Chiropractic share over 60 years of combined experience.

All our chiropractors have graduated from the AECC in Bournemouth.

We have 3 proficiency rated in Activator Methods and the only Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctor in Dorset and Hampshire.

Dr Audrey Murphy has joined us this year and offers Chiropractic, Low Level Laser Therapy and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

We also have a fully-qualified Sports Massage Therapist.


Image of New Milton Chiropractic Clinic
Image 3 of New Milton Chiropractic Clinic
Dr O'Dwyer is the Principal Doctor of Chiropractic at New Milton Chiropractic
Dr Lawyer has been with us since 2008.
Dr Melhuish has been at New Milton Chiropractic since 1991.
Now on the Ground Floor: Conveniently located near New Milton Railway Station and with a Bus Stop just outside. Patient Parking at the Rear of the Building.
Image 8 of New Milton Chiropractic Clinic
Image 9 of New Milton Chiropractic Clinic
Published research into Breastfeeding and Chiropractic Care
Over 60 Years of Clinical Experience.


Adjustment Sessions
Guide price £38 - 40
Initial Consultation
One off fee £47

Products & Services

Arthritic Pain Treatment

Injury Rehabilitation

Migraine Headache Treatment

Back Treatment


Shoulder Pain Treatment

Sports Injury Clinics

Trapped Nerves Treatment

Muscle Pain Treatment

Pain Relief Therapy

Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

Sciatica Treatment

Zing Performance Training

SD Protocol

Activator Methods Techniques

Peripheral Joint Adjustments

Headache Management

Falls Prevention

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Sports Massage Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy



  • United Chiropractic Association (31201)


Miracle Workers DO Exist!

I had suffered intermittenly with lower back pain for circa 9 years following a weightlifting mishap. After an inocuous movement one day, my back suddenly seized up and the pain was quite remarkable, to such an extent that I sought the help of a chiropractor. I contacted NMC and was given an appointment with Dr Christina Edwards. Admittedly, my expectations were not high. Firstly, the receptionist was extremely friendly, which is always a great start. Dr Edwards is extremely friendly and a very affable professional. This does help, especially when you are asked to put your trust in a stranger who is going to ask you to relax before suddenly jolting your back. Sacroilliac Joint Disfunction was diagnosed and Dr Edwards was confident she could rectifty the issue within 4 weeks. She was not wrong. I no longer have the pain or the underlying issue. In fact, I am back in the gym and looking forward to building muscle and strength again. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Edwards.
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Damien and his team

I’ve been treated by Damien for several years and cannot recommend him and his team more highly. Damien has done more for me than any other doctor and not only has he treated me ‘chiropractically’ but has taken X-rays and organised MRI scans when no NHS facilities were available. The practice is clean and bright with free parking outside and all the receptionists are kind, helpful and friendly. I live in Bournemouth and it’s definitely worth the drive to get the best !!!!👏👏👏
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Pauline and thanks for going the extra miles!
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Pauline and thanks for going the extra miles!
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Epley manoeuvre for BPPV

I saw Damien when I was trying to cope with BPPV a form of vertigo that I had for years. I found out that chiropractors could do a manoeuvre to re align the crystals in the inner ear. I had this done and was amazed that very quickly the dizziness has eased. It only needs doing once every year and this keeps me able to drive etc. All the staff at the practice were very professional and welcoming. I continue to visit when necessary and love doing so Jeanne Diamond
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Jeanne Diamond MBE
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Jeanne Diamond MBE
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A life changer for me!!

Have had excellent treatment from Damien regularly and feel so much better for it. I was also treated by Jon for my very bad headaches and no longer have to take paracetamols all the time, which has been a great relief. I now feel so much better and highly recommend all the Doctors at the New Milton Chiropractic Clinic.
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Bob - Sorry I did not see this last year!
09 Oct 2020
Thanks Bob - Sorry I did not see this last year!
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New Milton Chiropractic

I have been attending this clinic for nearly nine years, and have found that it has helped me to cope with periods of persistent pain.
Everyone is friendly, and the premises are clean, bright and welcoming.
09 Oct 2020
Thank You Caroline ... I did not see this review at the time - it was a pleasant surprise
09 Oct 2020
Thank You Caroline ... I did not see this review at the time - it was a pleasant surprise
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