Nando's Clink Street

225-227 Clink St, London, SE1 9DG Directions

   Open today 11:30 - 23:00

Business overview

Home of our legendary PERi-PERi chicken. Pop into Nando's London for your flame-grilled fix!

Home of the legendary Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, where fire meets food and life meets soul! Whether it's your first time to Nando's or you're coming back for more, we can't wait to welcome you to our home. Get stuck into our addictive spice, heart-warming chicken surrounded by the energy and rhythm of our famous Afro-Luso sound. Bom Proveito!


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Chicken Restaurant

Portuguese Restaurant


Beautifully decorated, consistently good food

The only problem I have with this place is that it doesn't have enough sauce bottles! On busy evenings they always run out of the good stuff (garlic, medium).

However the huge ceilings and fancy decor more than make up for it. This is a big Nandos so great for 8+ people
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Nando's rip-off conept

This aplies to the Nando's restaurants as a whole, not particularly the one in this location.

I have been to Nandos once and it'll surely be my last time. I would not eat there even if I could do it for FREE! It is basically a rip off and no value for your money.

1) It is marketed as a portuguese restaurant. For someone who has lived in Lisbon for a few years I feel insulted to be sold that as portuguese food! Ladies an gentlemen, that's AFRICAN food. Period.

2) Nando's is a fast food venue. It is closer to McDonald's than an entry-level restaurant (like pizza express, for instance). However prices are far away from MacDonald's

3) Food is very pricey for what it is. Let's not forget they mainly sell chicken! The cheapest and most affordable food one can buy!

4) There's virtually no service, as you have to go to the counter to order your food.

I can see how this happened. Some greedy guy a few years ago wanted to make lots of money quickly and decided to start a food venue. He wanted to maximise its profit, so obviously he decided to base his menu on the cheapest of the cheapest...chicken (the cheapest meat ingredient). He had a dilema, since "how can you differentiate selling chicken, from say, KFC?". Simple, he branded it as portuguese (a country that most people know little about but sounds "mediterranean" and is usually associated with good food. Nevermind the menu has nothing to do with Portugal. Starting from Peri-Peri (which portuguese write as piri-piri), and the massive use of spices, never seen in portuguese cuisine before...he then decides to serve whole or 1/2 chickens, so you feel as if you're getting a lot for your money, when in fact you're mostly paying for bones.

This Southbank location is not pleasant either. Inside it looks more like a 18th centrury pirate tavern than a place you'd want to have your meal in.

Nando's is, all in all, another UK-based rip off restaurant concept.
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This Nando's branch is located not far from London Bridge tube station. The restaurant is situated in an old tunnel and some tables have amazing views of the river.
The food is not very special, a lot of chicken dishes and some hamburgers, pitas and sandwiches. The burgers are quite small and not specially tasty.
The staff is friendly but seem to be very tired.
The food is quite spicy which is strange because the Portuguese food is not used to be spicy.
They have a free refill policy in the soft drinks that is a good value for money.
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