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I'm a Birth Doula, providing unconditional support to you and your family throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I support all people and all birth.

As a pregnant woman in the UK today it can feel that we are just a number in a big machine and no one has the chance to actually listen to us. Nearly always the midwife, (often multiple midwives if we give birth across a shift change in a hospital) is someone we have not met before or had a chance to build a relationship with.

A Birth Doula is one answer to creating the best chance of having the birth you are looking for and planning for the best experience as a new parent. Having a doula has been shown to lower instances of anxiety, c-sections, unwanted epidurals, other intervention (e.g. forceps) and more. It also appears to lead to a much higher rates of satisfaction of the birth experience. For more details and the references for this info see my website.

It might be that you would like me to support you through a second birth following a difficult first. Or perhaps you are first time parent/s putting your team in place for the best experience you can have. Maybe it is your partner who is looking for an extra ear, shoulder or friendly face to remind them that all is well while you are giving birth.

We often work towards a birth plan together, and practice discomfort management techniques during the antenatal meetings so that you know what to expect and I will know better what you like and what you do not. So that when the day arrives, you will be ready to meet your baby with the mindset you want and all the tools you need.

I’m on the end of the phone if you want to ask any questions, and my website has lots of free resources and some other doula magic. I hope to meet you soon.


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I am a member of Doula UK, an organisation that supports and maintains Doula professionalism
I am insured by BGI as a Birth and Postnatal Doula

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Ruth - a fabulous doula

Ruth helped us transform the birth of our daughter from something we were fearing into a positive and empowering experience. As our daughter’s birth approached we found ourselves feeling increasingly apprehensive, and so we started looking for a doula to support us. As soon as we met Ruth we knew that our search was over, she has a calming and warm presence and she made us feel supported, heard and seen.

Our antenatal sessions were lovely, they were personalised and helped us create our birth plans. Ruth also provided my wife with rewind trauma therapy, this helped her look forward to our daughter’s birth.

I went into labour five weeks early, Ruth supported and cared for us throughout our hospital stay. Whilst we did not have the birth we envisioned we felt in control throughout, and Ruth provided fabulous encouragement and help through active labour. We have come out of this birth feeling healed and empowered and this was in no small part due to the role that Ruth played.
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Support even when things don’t go as planned

I found Ruth on Instagram very early on in my pregnancy, about 9weeks, and knew right away she was the one I connected with- she has a quiet, gentle energy which I thought would perfectly balance against me being the opposite. Ruth messaged me just keeping in touch and seeing how I was getting on until we met to confirm when I was further along. I thought this was really lovely. We eventually met, and I met her shared care partner Laura and planned my home water birth. Unfortunately my baby decided she wanted to come early, so I didn’t get to have my home birth. Ruth and Laura kept in touch during the days I was having to go back and forth to the hospital (I refused induction after my waters breaking) and kept me supported via message, checking in and offering information so I could make informed decisions. I didn’t end up needing a doula in the way I thought I would, but Ruth supported me and my husband as best she could, and it was worth having the background support.
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Doula-tastic amazing Ruth!

I had no idea what a doula was before meeting Ruth. She provided me, an individual with no real knowledge of child birth other than biology books a totally new perspective. I was able to solidly support my partner in securing the right birth despite deviation from the intended plan. She was very cool. Even, when I called to ask if we should be going to hospital whilst my partner was having contractions whilst our plumbers were fitting our new boiler.
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I will always be grateful for what she’s done for us

Our local health services and midwives have been great, but I think having Ruth should come on the NHS too.

She has been wonderful to us and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

In the build up to the birth she was so helpful, informative and positive. Afterwards she became invaluable. She not only helped us with our son had (he had problems feeding due to a tongue tie) but helped my wife (and me) cope with the physical difficulties she was now facing. It’s this I’m particularly grateful for. There’s only so much a husband, a couple, a supportive grandmother or best friend can do.

She was a constant through this joyous but stressful time. She had been with us since before we’d made our birth plan or started NCT and she was still there when the proverbial hit the fan after the birth.

She brought us so much calm and strength. I will always be grateful for all she’s done for us.
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Fantastic doula - highly recommended!

Ruth was absolutely fantastic supporting my wife throughout the entire home birth experience. For me personally (as the husband), it was very reassuring to have Ruth there by our side to ensure everything went smoothly and nothing was missed. She was always on-hand and available for anything we required to support us through the journey. I would highly recommend Ruth without hesitation for anyone that may require a doula!
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