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Business overview

Moss Monster Ltd covers all aspects of moss & algae removal, thorough cleaning and sanitation of driveways, walls, gutters, soffit and facias. Covering the whole of the Midlands.

Moss Monster Ltd has evolved from an industry of working at height in the commercial world of external cleaning and then applying this to the domestic scene to nurture and care for people’s property investments. Moss Monster has dedicated, conscientious individuals who have decades of experience in Health and Safety, Working at Height, technical application of various cleaning products and procedures. They are trained and certified in using equipment for safe but effective access to the roof.

We apply our experience to your property.

We listen to your needs and requirements.

We are only happy if you are happy with our results. Every step of the journey in carrying out your specific needs is important to us to make sure we have undertaken all your requirements from start to finish.

Whether it is window cleaning, gutter, fascia or soffit cleaning or the more complex work of roof cleaning, we will assure you and accomplish the desired results to your complete satisfaction.

Some of the more technical and detailed projects have involved careful planning and more Health & safety measures put in place. This may have been rope access working at heights of over 300 feet or using powerful chemicals for stripping masonry paints from brick applying the correct pressure of water at the correct temperatures.

Identifying with roofs which type of tile can be steam cleaned; which can be pressure washed using superheated water and which should only have soft washing techniques applied.

The point is: We are here to protect and enhance your property and not to damage or create fuss. Added to this is value for money and the correct equation of [£ = Value]

Does it really make sense and is it really value for money to look for the 'cheapest' contractor only to be disappointed that he underperforms by not delivering his empty promises; doing half jobs or none at all? Keep your peace of mind with Moss Monster Ltd


Image 26 of Moss Monster Ltd
Moss Monster Ltd
Here is a gutter & downpipe cleaned using a non-caustic cleaner and safe access solutions with telescopic soft flocked brushes
After removing moss, algae, mould, leaves and sticks, the customer was able to receive more light into the veranda and to clearly assess some repairs needing to be done to the gutter line and part of the polypropylene roof sheet needed to be replaced.
Superheated Pressure Washing after preparing the patio with a biocide cleaner. The black spot and Lichen were removed nicely, leaving a completely clean, fresh new look.
Using superheated water pressure washer after first treating the sandstone slabs with a biocide to break down the colonised black algae
Here is a photo of using a gutter vacuum with a camera. This way we can show the customer where the problem was and after video or live video of the cleared gutters and downpipes
When broken tiles or fallen dry mortar are in the gutters then we can suck up using the 3 powerful motors in the vacuum.
Here shows the gutter vacuum system that is versatile and manoeuvrable.
Getting prepared for paint stripping is important as the correct PPE is required in order to protect the staff and also the customer as well as the general public that could potentially also become affected by the work being carried out.
Before photo of the white masonry paint needing to be removed. Here are walls requiring pre-planning and careful thought
Superheated Pressure Washing
After results: Two coats of paint removed. Bricks unaffected. Customer extremely satisfied
Superheated pressure washing with systematic and careful accuracy producing the desired results
First coat of masonry paint is being removed. There is a residue of more paint that still requires attention. This will need a second application of paint stripper and more blasting.
Appropriate PPE to protect eyes from ricocheting particles of paint being stripped at high pressures.
Image 15 of Moss Monster Ltd
Image 16 of Moss Monster Ltd
Soft flocked bristle brushes designed to not scratch the delicate surfaces of the solar panels.
Image 18 of Moss Monster Ltd
Image 19 of Moss Monster Ltd
Sandstone slabs cleaned
Image 21 of Moss Monster Ltd
After works
After works
You can see the results developing before your very eyes


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  • Tower Usage, Certificate of Competence (PASMA)
  • Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme, Certificate (CITB)


Everywhere cleaned was 'sparkling!'

Smart, friendly efficient workforce.
A high standard of work carried out.
I definitely would recommend the company to others
02 Oct 2021
Thank you so much Gerri
02 Oct 2021
Thank you so much Gerri
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Work Quailty

Always thoughtful and honest workmanship. No job too small for them
02 Oct 2021
Thanks for the review Steve. Any chance you can change it to 5 stars
02 Oct 2021
Thanks for the review Steve. Any chance you can change it to 5 stars
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Worthy and no nonsense services.

Honest people! I love their humour. Eddie is a respectable man, I can see he respects all of his customers and he’s genuine interest in making better the work he does.
02 Oct 2021
Beautiful review Amelia
02 Oct 2021
Beautiful review Amelia
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