Mind (Redcar & Cleveland)

6-8 West Dyke Rd, Redcar, TS10 1DZ Directions

Tel 01642 296052


Mind over matter

Redcar mind tries to sort out mental health problems. The clients what enter their cafe/shop might seem locked out of the community. If some are old clients which has been not listened to, this is the place to go. We can't talk about the malpractice in the past as sometimes it upsets us but lessons can be learned. If a patient/client has been in the mental health service and malpractice and pure ignorance was involved in professionals it should be noted for further reference. You learn from the past and so should psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, also all those who deal in mental health. I know their actions, I was watching all these professionals with my own mind. Every little detail from swearing at me to the big powerful side effects from potent psychiatric drugs. I know time is changing now and the mental health service is trying to understand where they went wrong, but it's far too late. The cat is let out the bag so to speak. As patients we have seen and heard enough !!!
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