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Business overview

Big Enough To Cope Small Enough To Care!

Midland Parrots are not just any old Parrot Supplies Shop. We are not just an Internet Website, We are a Bona Fide small independent business, open 7 days a week to the general public. You are welcome to come and visit us, We normally bring a few of our own birds into the shop for the day out. and our Umbrella Cockatoo Rupert is a regular attraction.

Jo Jo & Barney (our stunning Green Wing Macaws, Pictured above) & Charlie (our gorgeous Blue & Gold Macaw) are just 3 of our 48 feathered companions.

We fully understand a Parrots needs and that of their owners. We know that your parrot is not just a pet but a lifetime companion.

Please take a moment to visit our Picture page, and, you are welcome to join our small, friendly and helpful forum.

Most Parrots don't reach their full life expectancy due to lack of crucial vitamins and minerals via poor nutrition. So what foods can we feed to our Parrot?


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Rude staff and management

Don't dare cancel an order! You will be accused of being abusive if you ask why you were lied to about goods being dispatched. Staff cry if you ask why you were told it was being sent two days previously and you call them to find out it hasn't even been packaged ready to go.
Refunds take 7 days as they don't have funds to refund you. They don't even have the decency to call you and explain they are struggling to get the items they advertise on the website. Complete joke of a place
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Nothing like the website

Travelled 35miles to visit this as the website looks great with pictures of loads of parrots and toys etc. Came to buy toys for my parrot and it is no bigger than a garden shed with very minimal items. Could have got more from the local pets at home.
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Shop not open on time

Sat outside shop at 9:45 and it's not open even though it says it's open at 9:30 wasting my time. Will not be coming back here
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Knowledgeable & Caring

I've shopped at Midland Parrots for a number of years and have found them to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of caring for our avian friends. There is always someone around willing to advise, or even to just have a chat! They also stock a wide range of products at a reasonable price.

I've not used their parrot hotel but, in the event that someone was required to look after my own birds, these are people I would trust wholeheartedly with their care.
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Wasted journey

Travelled 30 miles on Sunday to buy toys for my parrots as their advert states open 7 days. They were closed not happy total wasted journey
15 Jan 2016
Their main branch at Ibstock *is* open seven days. It's the Long Eaton branch is closed on Sundays and their website clearly states this.
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