MC Therapy

Achieve Your True Potential

Spinners Hall, 77, St. Georges Rd, Bolton, BL1 2BS Directions

   Open 24 Hours

Business overview

Here you will find an array of natural healing modalities

Physical, mental and emotional to liberate you from suffering, eliminate blockages and help you achieve your true potential and be able to access all of your life force (your birth rite). You were born into this world with special gifts and talents, but aberrations and illness even on a subtle and barely perceptible level prevents us from self-actualisation, self-fulfilment and self-realisation. The truth of the matter is, is that you were born to thrive, not just survive!

My work primarily explores the vast and hitherto unknown realm that is the subconscious: how it works, it’s different parts and how to hack it. Once you are in possession of these tools, literally ANYTHING that you can think up is possible as the limits to this amazing 90% of our brain has scarcely been explored. I use 2 types of therapy to influence this, Dianetic and Subliminal therapy. Dianetic therapy ‘removes’ all blockages, mental and emotional anguish and drastically increases your intelligence. Whilst Subliminal therapy ‘adds’ things to your mind, improves it beyond measure, changes your beliefs and behaviour and also uses the Law of Attaction to manifest whatever you want in life. Powerful stuff!

Magick is another great tool to attract the life that you want using ancient geometry and the innate power of what lies within you and Mother Nature. This complemented with Naturopathy (herbal & natural medicine) as well as releasing stress physically with massage with allow you to operate at an incredibly high level of being.

I am constantly experimenting and finding new break through’s and insights in my work, so make sure to follow me with my blog and please share your own experience so we help raise the vibration of others and thus humankind’s collectively!


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