Martial Arts "Reading Academy" Wing Chun-Kali Eskrima/JKD

30 Years Experience , Est 1992

Unit 1, 151-155, Cardiff Rd, Reading, RG1 8JR Directions

   Open today 07:00 - 22:00

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Martial Art training school est. 1992. Founder by Master Loukas Kastrounis "Combat Skills .Wing Chun - Kali Escrima:JKD" No-nonsense Martial Arts. Simple -Direct-Efficient.

At the Reading Academy in Berkshire you can get

Personal or group training in Martial Arts : Wing Chun Kung Fu or on

Kali Eskrima Arnis JKD.

Beginners welcome over 16 years & onwards.

License/ person insurance by the British & International Kickboxing & Martial Arts Association. B.I.K.M.A.

`The Reading Academy in Berkshire.Wing Chun & Kali``Found in 1992 by the international Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Loukas Kastrounis

Learn the sophisticated combat skills ,Chinese wing chun kuen kung fu or the Filipino martial art Kali Escrima/ Arnis for day-to-day protection, to improve health/ fitness and to be able to address your own self potential.

Wing chun - Kali Eskrima Arnis JKD, are both best for personal development.

During thr progression of the individual helps to increase awareness, creativity and self confidence.

Reading Academy school have been training students since 1992 and welcomes all potential, whether you have trained in another martial art style/ lineage or have absolutely no experience whatsoever.

For more information or for a trial free session and get in touch via our website site


Master Loukas Kastrounis is

The Leading Authority of the "European Wing Chun Association" and the Founder of the Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima schools since 1992.

Loukas Kastrounis is an author and a well known in the world Martial art teacher .

He leaned his skils at “The legendary Basement" (closed in December 2000) in London since 1980s, at the training school of Sifu Nino Bernardo-Wong Shun Leung direct Ip Man Lineage.

In the first 2 years Loukas had trained solidly on one-to-one basis with Sifu Nino Bernardo at “The Basement“ in London and continued his private and group tuition until 2008.

Loukas Kastrounis is a well known Master of Martial Arts , been Nino Bernardo’s UK representative until 2008 . Received the Hall of Fame Award for his recognition & the development of Martial Arts around ..


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The Teacher the Mentor the Master
Group photo
Group photo
Loukas Kastrounis with some of his Kali Eskrima students I'm Berkshire
Interview of Loukas Kastrounis at the international martial arts magazine Combat back in 2002
Loukas Kastrounis with some of his students after training at the Reading Academy wing chun- Kali Eskrima JKD training school in Berkshire
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May 2022 Offer . Join the Team - Reading Academy Wing Chun- Kali Eskrima JKD in Berkshire & get discount training fees for new practitioners. Apply on line Now for appointment to meet the team with a free trial lesson At
Reading Academy Wing Chun- Kali Eskrima JKd
Loukas Kastrounis- Reading Academy family tree
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Founder of the Reading Academy Wing Chun - Kali Eskrima JKD in Berkshire
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Special monthly membership personal group training offer. Starts from £60 per person
From £60 - 110 per month

Products & Services

Asian Martial Arts

Available for everyone of 16 years and onwards



Combat skills

It may can change your life


Kali Eskrima JKD


Kung Fu

Martial Arts Training

Mentally & Physical fitness


Personal improvements

Personal Trainers

Self confidence

Self Defence

Sports Coaching

Suitable for everyone

The school established in 1992

Training your fears

Way of life

Wing Chun



  • British Combat Association
  • British Martial Arts & Boxing Association


  • Activity First Aid, Level 2 Award (Qualsafe Awards)


Wing Chun improves you; Wing Chun improves your life.

The day I started to make positive changes in my life was the day I first walked through the doors of Reading Academy.

Since then, 8 years have passed, and I can honestly say that still find the training as fulfilling and fascinating now, as when I started.

The personal development benefits of training at such an establishment as Reading Academy are easily overlooked when one thinks only of fighting or self defence; the systems of Wing Chun and Kali both have much more to them once you scratch the surface.

Sifu Loukas and his team have retained and progressed their skills through personal commitment and diligent training - a very rare find indeed!
06 Jul 2023
Thank you so much We didn't know each other , but over the years we became like real family. Thank you so much.
06 Jul 2023
Thank you so much We didn't know each other , but over the years we became like real family. Thank you so much.
17 Jul 2023
Thank you for your kind review. 🙏
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Wing Chun

Master Loukas' experience in fighting as such in the conjunction with his character and knowledge brings Wing Chun in a real sense – a lot of sweat, drills; thousands of repetitions; examination of techniques not only by the intellect but by dormant faculties. There are awakened by various drills and methods, from those very raw, up to those so subtle, that fine touch on skin is enough to determine, how to react.
But Loukas' school has been passing the principles profoundly deeper.
I developed a new cognitive realisation and body health through workouts. My personality is changing due to emptying the brain full of preconceptions, and deluded constructions of intellect. Self-discipline, humility, acceptance, and strong will are shaping too. The path is through the dark forest of optical illusions, misunderstandings, frustration and fears, but I know I have my Master and friends here, which can help me to achieve the goal – to eat fruits from the tree, planted a long time ago.
18 Jun 2023
Thank you very much Jozef. 🙏 👍
18 Jun 2023
Thank you very much Jozef. 🙏 👍
06 Jul 2023
Thank you so much
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Superb team

Really meaningful training both, polite and friendly people, genuine support. I used to train there for a few years when I was in the UK and I really miss it.
18 Apr 2023
Thank you so much, we wish you the very best and see you again soon..
18 Apr 2023
Thank you so much, we wish you the very best and see you again soon..
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This is so much more!

I joined looking to join a martial arts club to get fit. This is so much more! I’ve now become part of a family of fighters with a great Teacher who have different fighting backgrounds. This has made learning what works easier as we are able to test each other thoroughly. I have loved every minute, continue to learn and would suggest to anyone looking to improve their own skills and confidence to get involved. Thank you Loukas and the guys at the Academy.
28 Apr 2022
Thank you for your kind review. We are proud to have you in our team .
28 Apr 2022
Thank you for your kind review. We are proud to have you in our team .
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No nonsense, just progression to match your commitment

I've been training here for more than two decades in both Wing Chun and Kali. We have a great atmosphere and enthusiastic students, genuinely nice human beings. There's great passion and good skills both of which we love sharing with others.

We want everyone to progress, be the best version of themselves and have a little fun along the way. Everything we do, classes, seminars, international training camps (and much more) is designed with that purpose in mind.

I could talk about lineage and so on but really, you'd need to come see what we do with your own eyes as that's the ultimate proof.
28 Apr 2022
Thank you for your honest review! Much appreciated
28 Apr 2022
Thank you for your honest review! Much appreciated
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