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A Co-Active coach who offers personal, weight loss,and executive coaching. I also offer coaching for small business owners to help them achieve their personal and business goals.

Co-Active Personal Coaching

Whether you are struggling with self-confidence issues, are having problems with personal relationships, want to take a new direction in your life or need help with aspects of your life which have become overwhelming. I am here to help.

I offer personal coaching which helps you develop mental strength and the inner belief that you can address and overcome whatever challenges you are facing. Together we will work on methodologies and practical plans to achieve your goals.

Weight Loss

I offer coaching specifically designed for clients with weight-related issues which addresses the underlying emotional issues which hamper success in both weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight.

My coaching draws on personal experience of having lost 16 stone and maintained my healthy weight, using tools and methodologies which enable my clients to make small steps towards a big change.

Career Coaching

I know what it is like to feel unsatisfied with your job and to feel you don't know what you really want to do and struggling with motivation. We will work to understand your values and what fulfills you so that you can unlock a new career or help you find new satisfaction in the role you have. We can also help you overcome confidence issues that may be holding you back.

Business/Executive coaching and mentoring

With over 25 years of experience enabling business transformation, I understand the powerful connection between people and business success. I offer business coaching and mentoring services which unlocks the potential of your business and your people and allows them to develop individually in a way which benefits all of you.

If you are a small business owner then it can feel impossible to juggle all of the tasks you need to and still have time for you. Often the areas that suffer are finding time to grow the business whilst having any kind of work life balance and finding time to recharge your batteries. I can help with that.


Transformative coach passionate about championing you to discover your self-worth and live your best life
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Personal Coaching

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  • Certified Professional Co Active Coach
  • International Coach Federation (Associate)


  • International Coach Federation (ACC pending)


  • Core Curriculum, Certificate (Co Active Training Institute)


Motivating and Inspiring !

I can't thank Mandy enough for all her help and support over recent weeks. I came to Mandy as a small business owner, who wanted to improve performance and collaboration within our team. Mandy helped me to step back and start the process by first cutting through the chaos and looking at how I felt and the anxieties that I had. After only a few sessions I was feeling more motivated, had my anxiety under control using various recommended daily tasks and techniques.I felt so much more refreshed and keen to push forward and lead our team.
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Mandy is a inspirational coach who I would recommend to anyone wanting to live their very best life!

It's hard to summarise the difference that working with Mandy has made to me in a few sentences. Through coaching, Mandy has helped me to recognise what is really important to me, and to make positive changes in my life to ensure I focus on these values every day. I have been able to improve my health, my fitness, my career and so much more as well as learning to understand who I truly am. Mandy is truly dedicated to helping people live their very best life and she is also one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.
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Coaching is better than I could ever have imagined!

“In just a handful of sessions Mandy, through her coaching, has helped me completely change how I look at myself and the world through my own eyes. I started as a woman who put her head down as she walked down the street in the hope of not being noticed by anyone to now having my head held high because I’m proud to be ME. Something just 4 sessions ago I would have never thought possible! “You are more than you think”.
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Life changing

Since working with Mandy I feel like I have a real focus on what’s important in my life. Talking about my values and what I hold close, has really sharpened where I need to use more of my energy and not to waste it on things I can’t change. Having this view has helped me to secured a new role and my work life balance has improved so that I spend more quality time with my family. It’s so simple to have that mind shift, you just need someone to give you that push! Thanks Mandy x
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