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Assessments are FREE in this country

A very nice website but did you know...
In this country local authority can complete FREE ASSESSMENT of your care needs regardless of a prospective client's saving threshold. "The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 (NHS & CC Act) is the Key piece of legislation relating to Community Care. Local authorities are obliged to make public information that tells people about how they should obtain a care assessment, what form that the care assessment will take and also what types of help they, as a local authority, can actually offer – this can vary between different areas of the country. They also have an obligation to carry out a care assessment if the person applying looks like they might benefit from the types of services that they provide (or can arrange) e.g. home help with things like cleaning and shopping, disability equipment, time in day centres, and the assessment also has to be done without considering an individual’s financial circumstances.

This information about how to obtain a care assessment is normally contained in the local authority's "better care, higher standards" charter and based on this information someone can ask them for an assessment of their needs. It saddens me greatly to think companies out there are charging exortionate amounts of money to provide something that is already available for FREE!!!

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